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Made in Norway

Introducing the Norwegian origin label

Norway is launching a country of origin label. It is a certification trademark designed to increase the competitiveness of Norwegian products and solutions on the international market.
Red, white and blue Made in Norway label against a blue background

Who is behind the origin label?

In 2022 the Government took the initiative for a new national brand programme to increase the competitiveness of Norwegian business and industry. A key feature is a national labelling scheme under which Norwegian-produced products and solutions receive a recognised stamp of origin, sustainability and responsibility in the form of a country of origin label.

Why should you use it?

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A stamp of approval

Not just any product or solution can bear the origin label. There are criteria that must be satisfied.
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The Norwegian advantage

Capitalise on the many positive associations the world has of Norway as a country of origin.
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Stand out from the crowd

A reminder of the origin of your product or solution can have a differentiating effect on your brand and increase competitiveness.
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Who is it for?

For products and solutions originating in Norway

For products and solutions that enable a sustainable future

For companies who take corporate responsibility seriously

Importance of origin in international branding

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  • Our entire brand strategy for ‘Seafood from Norway’ is based on our Norwegian origin as a competitive advantage, and we build it around three pillars: nature, people and sustainability. We use Norway and our cold clear oceans in our marketing of Norwegian seafood because where we come from matters, or ‘origin matters’, as we say.

    Camilla Beck

    Marketing Director, Norwegian Seafood Council

  • We use our Norwegian origin in our communication. Both through communicating that we work with Norwegian designers, and through the narrative that we come from the ‘harsh north’. We actively use the fact that we have a lot of snow and a lot of weather in our communication to talk about the quality and functionality of the product.

    Sonja Djønne

    Founder, Heymat

  • It is important to understand how the markets think about Norway…. What is it about Norwegian origins that can strengthen the brand? It can be quality, functionality and sustainability. It is important to clarify what role the origin should have and to work actively in relation to it.

    Magne Supphellen

    Professor, Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)

  • At Hydro we use our Norwegian origin as part of our branding strategy, but I think both we and other Norwegian companies can become better at utilising the potential here. It is about highlighting the values that lie in the Norwegian heritage…. A sustainable business life is one of our biggest selling points internationally.

    Hilde Kallevig

    Head of Group Brand and Marketing, Hydro

  • At Equinor we are very proud of our Norwegian origin. When we renamed the company, it was important to incorporate the Norwegian – nor – as part of the brand and our name…. The Norwegian origin evokes positive associations in our markets, and it has a lot to do with the fact that we are a country in whom people trust.

    Henrik Øinæs Habberstad

    Head of Brand and Creative, Equinor


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Disclaimer: The labelling scheme is currently being piloted.

Red, white and blue Made in Norway label against a blue background