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Welcome to Business Norway!

View from the window of Deichmans library in Oslo, Norway

Business Norway is Norway’s official portal showcasing green and sustainable solutions and providing insight into key industries, foreign direct investment opportunities and international events where you can meet Norwegian companies and Team Norway.

Business Norway helps international companies to gain access to the Norwegian market and brings Norwegian companies to the attention of international customers, investors and partners.

It also has separate section providing branding tools for Norwegian businesses.

Business Norway is run by Innovation Norway, the official Norwegian trade and investment promotion organisation, on behalf of Team Norway.

Innovation Norway is wholly owned by the Norwegian state and county municipalities and has offices in 20 countries worldwide. It is a long-term partner to Norwegian companies, providing competence, capital and networks to help them to achieve their growth ambitions sustainably.

Paragliding with the Norwegian flag in Voss

Why Norway is a great choice for international businesses

Norway is a country where nature inspires innovation, where equal rights foster social harmony, and where creative solutions solve global challenges.

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About Team Norway

Team Norway promotes the growth and internationalisation of Norway's emerging and established industries, and facilitates trade, investment and networking.

Team Norway is a constellation of public and private actors, including Norwegian ministries, embassies, Innovation Norway, industry-specific organisations and others.

The makeup of Team Norway changes depending on the industry and presence in the target market

Key industries