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PSW Power & Automation’s mobile batteries enable zero-emission construction sites

PSW Power & Automation delivers mobile batteries to construction sites, reducing air and noise pollution from building activity. “The construction industry needs to decarbonise, whether it is cost effective or not. PSW plays an essential role in that effort,” says Jens Hjorteset, Business Development Manager at PSW Power & Automation. Published 13 Mar 2023 (updated 7 Feb 2024) · 3 min read
Man in an orange worksuit and helmet plugging a cable into a mobile battery

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  • Mobile batteries for temporary infrastructure
  • Enables electrification of the construction industry
  • Reduces air and noise pollution at construction sites

Imagine walking by an active construction site while you smell the fresh air and hear the birds sing. This is already happening in Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo and other cities around Europe.

Normally smelly and noisy, construction activity is responsible for 10 per cent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Now the industry has begun to replace diesel power with electric – thanks to cities’ strict regulations to decarbonise construction within a decade or two.

“Most of our customers have been using diesel generators, which release carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, particulates and other toxic exhausts,” says Hjorteset.

Mobile batteries help to decarbonise construction

PSW Power & Automation (PSW) delivers mobile battery containers to industries in need of electric power for temporary infrastructure.

“Most construction sites don’t have sufficient electrical infrastructure for electrical machines. Our mobile battery solution covers peak demands, hence there is no need to strengthen a costly electrical infrastructure just for the construction period,” explains Hjorteset.

In another example, concert arenas may have a limited grid connection and require additional power for a short period of time. At those times, a mobile battery container can replace some or all of the diesel generators normally used for this purpose.

PSW’s solution consists of two separate but interrelated products: the hardware, including the battery pack, and software known as BQ Battery Intelligence.

“Hardware isn’t enough; software is needed for control. Our BQ Battery Intelligence ensures optimal power consumption and logging of valuable data for future use,” says Hjorteset.

Mobile battery in a white container

PSW can cut emissions by 100 per cent

Emission reductions can be remarkable. “100 per cent of emissions can be eliminated by completely avoiding the use of diesel generators,” says Hjorteset. A hybrid solution using both electric and diesel power will still reduce emissions significantly and help construction sites to meet strict government emissions standards.

PSW lowers costs as well, since diesel generators have a much higher maintenance cost than battery solutions. Users can save as much as 40 per cent in maintenance costs, according to the company’s data.

Moreover, the system is universal, enabling it to connect to the various grid codes in different countries and regions.

Rapid electrification propels market growth

The Paris Agreement and government regulations are pushing industries to quickly adopt the use of electric power and other forms of clean energy.

“Quite simply, many industries cannot electrify efficiently without mobile batteries. We foresee exponential growth,” says Hjorteset.

PSW uses a B2B model, serving rental companies that normally supply diesel-powered equipment to large companies in Europe. PSW delivers to large-volume customers in Germany, the Netherlands and Norway. In the Netherlands, the solution has also been approved for use on inland waterborne electric vessels.

PSW also delivers mobile DC fast chargers for electric heavy machinery on construction sites and similar locations.

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Jens Hjorteset

Business Development Manager

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