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PSW Power & Automation’s battery pack stabilises power grids

PSW Power & Automation delivers a battery pack for use in large-scale energy storage, stabilising the power grid and reducing reliance on fossil fuels. “Large scale modular battery packs is the next big step for the grid in Scandinavia and Europe in general,” says Jens Hjorteset, Business Development Manager at PSW Power & Automation.Published 14 Sep 2023 (updated 7 Feb 2024) · 3 min read
Illustration of battery storage modules with wind turbines and power lines

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  • Modular battery pack for grid applications
  • Stores excess energy for release as needed
  • Provides grid stability and balance

Electrical power grids are in a precarious situation. As extreme heat becomes more common, more blackouts are expected as demand for electricity spikes. For some, a power outage is merely an annoyance. For others, such as patients and the elderly, it can be catastrophic. Recent record-breaking heat in Europe and elsewhere has shown us this.

Moreover, the electrification of society has coincided with the growth of renewables. But wind and solar, for example, generate intermittent power, which challenges the grid. “The solution is to bring stability into a grid that is seeing high consumer loads in an under- and overproduction scenario,” explains Hjorteset.

BQ-G battery pack enables the energy transition

PSW Power & Automation (PSW) delivers the BQ-G modular battery pack for use in energy storage systems. Suitable for large-scale energy storage, the solution stores excess energy generated by renewable sources and releases it into the grid as needed.

“Grid-scale energy storage solutions are essential for managing production of unregulated power from various renewable energy sources. We have designed the BQ-G battery pack to ensure that energy will not be wasted, but stored in batteries instead,” explains Hjorteset.

The solution can be installed at different locations on the grid, including at the point of generation, at substations, or at the distribution level. The optimal location depends on the specific needs of the grid and the grid services to be provided.

“The solution is highly flexible and scalable as well,” he adds.

PSW ends power instability

The BQ-G modular battery pack ensures grid stability and balance. “Our solution makes it possible to incorporate all of the renewable energy produced into the grid when it is needed, which prevents fluctuations and maintains a stable power supply,” says Hjorteset.

In addition, as more renewables come online, large-scale energy storage will be essential for reducing, and eventually eliminating, the use of fossil fuel energy in the grid.

It will also help to maintain access to power should the grid go down, not only due to technical problems but also to extreme weather events, geopolitical conflict and the like.

PSW secures major international contracts for energy storage

Europe is on track to install at least 95 GW of grid-scale battery energy storage systems by 2050, compared to 5 GW of installed capacity today, representing over EUR 70 billion in investment.

PSW has already contributed to this growth. “We see major potential in the European market. Within a few months of launching the battery pack, PSW secured two sizeable contracts in Sweden for grid-scale energy storage systems – one with Uddevalla Energi and another with Jönköping Energi,” says Hjorteset.

The battery pack is one of several innovations by PSW, which delivers complete solutions within electrification and renewable energy. Among these are mobile batteries and mobile DC fast chargers for zero-emission construction sites.

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Ole-Ivar Guleng

Project Manager Power Systems

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