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PSW Power & Automation’s mobile DC fast chargers decarbonise construction

Published 10 Jul 2023 (updated 7 Feb 2024) · 2 min read

PSW Power & Automation mobile DC fast chargers

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  • Mobile DC fast charger
  • Brings fast charging to electric heavy machinery
  • Decarbonises construction and other industries

PSW Power & Automation delivers mobile DC fast chargers for heavy machinery, helping to decarbonise the construction industry. “Our mobile chargers help to accelerate the switch from diesel to electric equipment on building sites,” says Jens Hjorteset, Director Business Development at PSW Power & Automation.

When EV owners need to charge, they drive their cars to the charger. This could be at home, a parking garage or a public charging station. But large electric machines, such as excavators, need the charger to come to them.

“Industry is electrifying. On a construction site, it would be impractical, expensive and time-consuming to bring heavy machinery to the power source. In addition, a fast charge is usually needed to prevent downtime,” explains Hjorteset.

Mobile DC fast charging provides flexibility

PSW Power & Automation (PSW) delivers a mobile DC fast charging solution for areas with inadequate grid infrastructure. The solution has an integrated battery, enabling seamless charging of electric construction equipment, trucks, boats and vehicles.

“Our DC charger is designed for mobile transport, which is a prerequisite for the electrification of various industries,” says Hjorteset.

The mobile DC charger comes as a modular, expandable unit, providinga variety of energy and power ratings. The unit is available in several different sizes, from a 20-ft container for large jobs to a unit small enough to transport on a trailer.

PSW optimises electrified operations

The mobile DC charger optimises operations on electrified work sites, saving both time and money.The unit has a simple connection and disconnection system, andcan operate in parallel with the grid or in island mode off-grid. Recharging can be done using the AC grid or a DC charging station.

The charger also has an individual payment system, allowing different companies at the same site to easily share the charger and pay only for the power they use.

Moreover, the mobile DC charger can play an important role in decarbonising industries that rely on heavy electric machinery.

Rapid electrification propels market growth

The Paris Agreement and government regulations are pushing industries to quickly adopt the use of electric power and other forms of clean energy.

“An increasing number of companies will need access to mobile DC fast charging as industries with heavy equipment continue to electrify,” says Hjorteset.

PSW uses a B2B model, serving rental companies that normally supply diesel-powered equipment to large companies in Europe. PSW delivers to large-volume customers in Germany, the Netherlands and Norway.

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