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Join Norway and the Nordic pavilion

World Expo Osaka 2025

Shoulder to shoulder with our Nordic neighbours, Norway will have a strong presence at the global gathering in Japan.

illustration of osaka 2025

For 184 days, from April to October 2025, Osaka Japan will host a global community looking for future proof and sustainable solutions under the theme “Designing Future Society for Our Lives”. Norway will contribute through a common Nordic pavilion, and our own Norwegian programme developed in collaboration with our participating partners.

Osaka Nordic pavilion

Join Team Norway in Japan

Being part of the Norwegian team in the Nordic pavilion is about more than just your company. It’s about more than just a single product or solution, and more than one industry. The sum of the pieces that make Team Norway has more impact that the pieces themselves and each success is a win for the team as well as for the individual players.

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Osaka EXPO 2025 pavilion with Nordic partner logos

The Nordics join forces

The countdown for EXPO 2025 Osaka has begun and there are new developments on the joint Nordic pavilion being revealed continuously. Stay up to speed on all the exciting news here!

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Our key subject areas

With the aim of embracing the many different industries and companies in Norway

Circular economy

Renewable energy | Forestry products | Smart industry

Mobility and connectivity

Maritime | Mobility (cars, trucks) | Connectivity

Lifestyle and wellbeing

Healthcare (med./pharma) | Food and drinks | Social, gender equality
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Finn Kristian Aamodt
Commissioner General

+47 91 84 07 10