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ZNL Energy’s PPS battery separator ends lithium-ion fire hazard

Published 19 Apr 2023 (updated 15 Feb 2024) · 3 min read
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  • Lithium-ion battery separator
  • Made of non-flammable PPS
  • Ends fire hazard, extends battery life

ZNL Energy delivers an innovative PPS battery separator, solving the fire hazard problem in lithium-ion batteries. “We have set a new battery revolution in motion,” says Jan B Sagmo, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at ZNL Energy.

Lithium-ion batteries have powered the EV revolution. Despite their game-changing properties, though, they continue to pose a fire risk. They are flammable in the event of a short circuit, and extinguishing a lithium-ion fire defies typical firefighting methods.

“Most lithium-ion batteries today contain ceramic-based separators made in Asia. We have recognised the need to develop a fire-resistant alternative in Europe,” explains Sagmo.

Non-flammable PPS battery separator

ZNL Energy has developed the ZNL-NP15 lithium-ion battery separator made of polyphenylene sulphide (PPS), a chemical and heat-resistant plastic material. The fire safety properties of the ZNL-NP15 make it ideal for use in all types of lithium-ion batteries. In particular, the separator increases fire resistance by inhibiting short circuiting.

“We are positioned in the battery industry as a technology provider for battery cell manufacturers,” says Sagmo. “Our mission is to provide alternatives to current battery technologies that not only advance the industry, but that drive sustainability within the industry.”

In addition, ZNL’s solution incorporates an efficient, state-of-the-art manufacturing method.

“Our technology is based on 11 years of R&D. We license out our technology in a ‘battery technology as a service’ model, and our customers receive the latest developments as part of the licensing agreement. There is also an opportunity for direct sales,” he adds.

Black battery pack on a table
The ZNL-NP15 lithium-ion battery separator made of PPS, a chemical and heat-resistant plastic material.

ZNL Energy extends battery life

In addition to increased safety, the ZNL-NP15 separator slows battery degradation and extends the battery’s lifespan. Over time, fewer batteries will need replacement, increasing sustainability and lowering costs for users.

“We consider our PPS separator to be the next generation of lithium-ion separators. It advances battery technology to the next level,” says Sagmo, noting that the PPS separator can be used in other types of batteries as well.

Tremendous potential

The global battery separators market is expected reach to USD 11.4 billion by 2027, up from USD 5.3 billion in 2022. “ZNL Energy could very well become a tech unicorn. The market potential is mind-blowing,” notes Sagmo.

ZNL targets manufacturers of lithium-ion battery cells. “We see a massive market for the ZNL-NP15 separator, especially within Europe. Since the EU Battery Directive aims to protect human health and the environment, potential European customers will be attracted to a safer product produced in Europe rather than in China,” he explains.

The company is currently in dialogue with several European cell manufacturers, including FREYR Battery in Norway.

Established in 2021, ZNL Energy delivers two synergistic battery cell technologies. In addition to the ZNL-NP15 battery separator described here, the company has developed a zinc-ion battery for stationary energy storage. By incorporating the same separator, the zinc-ion battery is fire-resistant as well. Both technologies use the same manufacturing methods and equipment.

Silver battery cell pouch
Zink pouch cell from ZNL Energy.

Jan B Sagmo

Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer

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