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Zinus shore power connectors for ferries and service vessels

Published 5 Aug 2022 (updated 31 May 2024) · 3 min read
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At a glance

  • Flexible shore power solutions for ferries and service vessels
  • Installation requires minimal intervention on existing infrastructure
  • All-electric units with zero emissions

Zinus flexible and adjustable shore power solutions connect a variety of marine vessels to shore power quickly and easily.

Many marine vessels, such as ferries and offshore and aquaculture service vessels, must keep their engines running to power their onboard systems while in port. This generates significant emissions of CO₂, SO₂, NOₓ and particulate matter, causing air pollution and other negative impacts on local communities and ecosystems.

Connecting such vessels to the onshore power grid can help to eliminate these emissions. This, however, requires flexible, efficient, user-friendly and reliable infrastructure.

Flexible shore power connectors for a variety of vessels

Zinus provides shore power connector solutions for a wide variety of vessels.

The Shore Power Telescopic series features a height-adjustable connector tower and a telescopic arm that rotates 180 degrees. This flexibility enables the Shore Power Telescopic units to be connected to vessels of different types and sizes, while allowing for drift due to tides and waves. The Telescopic units deliver both high and low-voltage power.

Zinus has developed the Shore Power Compact series as well. These small, highly flexible units also deliver both high and low-voltage power to a variety of vessels, and are available in a fixed or portable version.

shore power connector
Shore Power Compact.

Concrete benefits

Both the Shore Power Telescopic series and the Shore Power Compact series significantly increase the flexibility, reliability and ease of shore-power logistics. They can be installed with only minor intervention on existing quays and have a small footprint. The Telescopic tower, for example, requires a base of only 1 x 1.2 m.

Both solutions are all-electric, eliminating emissions, and, like all Zinus products, they do not contain oil. The units are constructed from weather and seawater-resistant materials and are designed to blend in seamlessly with the public environment. The Shore Power Telescopic series features a slender and elegant design, with built-in harbour lighting among other options. Because the units are enclosed, heating may be provided for systems installed in Arctic areas.

Both solutions can be equipped with a semi-automatic operation system that recognises incoming vessels and automatically prepares the system before the vessel docks.

Shore Power Telescopic
Shore Power Telescopic

Market potential

The maritime and marine industries must meet specific targets and general pressure to reduce greenhouse gas and other emissions. At the same time, focus on the negative environmental and health impacts of ports is growing. Thus, there is likely to be increased demand for shore power solutions for vessels in port.

Zinus is owned by three companies – DSD, LOS Gruppen and Eviny Ventures – all of which invest in green technology.

Zinus also provides a shore power connector for cruise ships as well as autonomous charging solutions for electric and hybrid vessels. More information can also be found at

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