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Zinus flexible and mobile shore power connector for cruise ships

Published 17 Oct 2022 (updated 29 Apr 2024) · 2 min read
Zinus cable

Quick information

At a glance

  • Portable unit provides shore power to cruise ships in port
  • Cables can be rolled out and connected to vessels in about 30 minutes
  • All-electric unit with zero emissions

The Shore Power Cruiser from Zinus connects cruise ships to high-voltage shore power quickly and easily in port.

Cruise ships often keep their engines running to power onboard systems while in port. This generates emissions of CO₂, SO₂, NOₓ and particulate matter, causing air pollution and other negative impacts on local communities and ecosystems.

This problem can be solved by connecting docked cruise ships to the onshore power grid. This, however, creates new operational and logistical challenges for cruise operators and requires appropriate infrastructure at the port.

Remote-controlled, portable cable extension unit delivers shore power to cruise ships

The Shore Power Cruiser from Zinus is a semi-automatic portable unit that provides high-voltage shore power to cruise ships.

When a cruise ship approaches, an operator rolls out the necessary cable length from a portable cable trailer on the quay using a remote-controlled mini picker. The operator then connects the cables to shore panels before the mini picker’s telescopic arm lifts the cables to be plugged into the cruise vessel. When the vessel is ready to leave the port, the Shore Power Cruiser rolls the cables back in. The entire operation requires no manual handling except plugging power cables into the ship’s connector plugs.

Zinus estimates that it takes about 30 minutes to connect a 60 m cable once a cruise ship has docked.

Zinus shore power

Concrete benefits

The Shore Power Cruiser significantly increases the flexibility and ease of shore power logistics. The unit quickly and efficiently brings cables to cruise ships where they are docked, making it possible to provide shore power without establishing fixed connector points.

The Shore Power Cruiser can be equipped with a semi-automatic operation system that recognises incoming vessels and automatically starts the cable rollout before the cruise ship docks, which can reduce connection time down to 15 minutes.

The Shore Power Cruiser is all-electric, eliminating emissions, and, like all Zinus products, it does not contain oil.

Market potential

The global cruise market has seen a 6.6 per cent annual growth in passengers from 1990 to 2020. With growing concerns and stricter regulations regarding cruise ship emissions in port, demand for efficient, zero-emission shore power solutions will likely increase in the years to come.

Zinus is owned by three companies – DSD, LOS Gruppen and Eviny Ventures – all of which invest in green technology.

Zinus also provides shore power solutions for other types of vessels as well as autonomous charging solutions for electric and hybrid vessels. More information can also be found at

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