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TGN Energy increases energy efficiency in commercial buildings

Published 8 Jul 2022 (updated 29 Apr 2024) · 3 min read

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  • Energy management system (EMS) for commercial buildings
  • Stores, manages and sells surplus power
  • Reduces energy costs and improves environmental performance

TGN Energy provides an innovative energy management system for commercial buildings, increasing energy efficiency, lowering costs and supporting the transition to renewables. “Through advanced technologies and innovative strategies, TGN Energy empowers industrial building owners to embrace renewable energy, curbing their carbon footprint and bolstering their corporate social responsibility efforts,” says Tommy Bønsnæs, CEO and co-founder of TGN Energy.

The fragility of our global energy supply has never been clearer. Climate change, pandemics and war have made access to affordable and sustainable power production more and more difficult.

Many power grids were developed over 100 years ago, when the need for electricity was simple; power production was local and organised around small communities. This one-way interaction with one power source has made it difficult for power grids to adapt to the complex energy demands of the 21st century.

“TGN Energy mitigates these challenges by making the power grid more resilient to the changing demands of society,” explains Bønsnæs.

EMS integrates renewables into the power grid

TGN Energy delivers an energy management system (EMS) that stores, manages and sells surplus power from commercial buildings. Two distinct solutions comprise the total system: TGN Grid and TGN Aggregate.

TGN Grid consists of a physical microgrid with energy storage. Installed in or near the property, TGN Grid enables building owners to reduce their overall energy costs. The solution optimises energy through whichever source a building is using at any given time, while factoring in local electricity prices and weather forecasts.

TGN Grid includes the software tool TGN FlexControl which continuously weighs the income for locally produced power against the benefit of consumption, storage or sale to the spot market.

TGN Aggregate improves the utilisation of a building’s existing power capacity through equalisation, providing fewer interruptions and better power quality for the facility. It also makes the building’s energy system available for participation in flex markets, adding an additional revenue stream to any business.

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Improves buildings’ global environmental rating

TGN Energy’s EMS turns property into a virtual power plant while improving its BREEAM rating, the most widely used environmental assessment method for buildings and the de facto measure used to describe a building’s environmental performance.

TGN Energy’s EMS provides enormous financial benefits as well. It reduces a building’s energy costs, optimises the local power mix used in the building, and makes a profit for the business through the sale of the surplus power.

In addition, the company delivers a stable power supply to buildings, reducing the risk of insufficient and costly power.

Explosive demand for EMS

The global energy management system market is projected to grow from USD 28.25 billion in 2022 to USD 82.34 billion by 2030. Global energy concerns, such as optimising renewable energy resources, decreasing carbon footprints, managing GHG emissions and reducing energy consumption, are fuelling market growth.

TGN Energy is poised to participate in this global growth with technology developed by offshore sector experts with 30+ years of experience. In November 2022, TGN celebrated the official opening of Norway’s largest energy system, which it developed with its partners Isola Solar and Hitachi Energy.

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