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MSG Aviation delivers world’s first all-electric mobile aircraft washer

Published 7 Nov 2022 (updated 29 Apr 2024) · 2 min read

Quick information

At a glance

  • Mobile high-pressure washer for aircraft
  • Electrically powered, with a rechargeable battery
  • Cordless for free movement

MSG Aviation has developed the world’s first all-electric, mobile high-pressure washer for aircraft, providing a unique green solution for ground handlers at airports.

Ground Support Equipment (GSE) is used for a wide variety of applications at airports, including washing aircraft between flights. GSE for washing can be hard to manoeuvre around an aircraft, especially when tethered by cords, cables, or hoses. This can make it difficult to maintain high reliability in a time-sensitive work environment.

Moreover, most current GSE run on petrol or diesel fuel, making them a leading source of ground-based emissions of CO₂ and other greenhouse gases. Internationally, efforts are being made across the entire industry to reduce these emissions, and there is growing interest in electrified GSE (eGSE).

Clean aircraft with clean technology

MSG Aviation has developed the R1500 EL, a mobile, electric pressure washer for aircraft. This eGSE does not need to be connected to a water or power supply while in use, providing easy mobility around an aircraft or other vehicles in need of pressure washing. The unit has a rechargeable, long-lasting, long-range battery for reliable operations. It comes with a charging station and can be used on the tarmac or inside a hangar.

The unit carries its own water in a large insulated tank at the desired temperature, while cleaning solvents are kept in a separate container. The operator can easily step on the small platform of the unit and drive to the desired location, as well as adjust the water pressure.

Concrete benefits

The R1500 EL can replace fossil fuel-based GSE for washing. This, in turn, will significantly reduce emissions of CO₂ and other greenhouse gases. The electrified unit is quieter than generator-powered units, decreasing noise pollution at and around the airport, while giving ground handlers a quieter work environment.

By using electric GSE, owners and operators can lower operating and maintenance costs, as well as significantly cut fuel costs. In addition, giving the operator the flexibility to adjust pressure settings digitally according to the type of vehicle being washed, reduces the risk of damage to the surface coating.

Market potential

The number of aircraft in the air are expected to more than double over the next 20 years. As flying aerodynamically clean airplanes reduces overall drag, which in turn reduces fuel consumption, the need for clean aircraft will only increase.

Airport authorities worldwide are studying the effects of daily operations to see where improvements can be made in order to become more sustainable and cost-effective, making the R1500 EL an attractive option.

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