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Miko Polar Kit for hull repair prevents polar shipwrecks

Published 22 Mar 2023 (updated 3 June 2024) · 2 min read

At a glance

  • Hull repair kit for preventing shipwrecks
  • Cuts response time, does not require divers or ROVs
  • Rapidly deployable and cost-effective

Damaged ships pose a particular hazard to the sensitive polar ecosystems. The Miko Polar Kit for patching punctured hulls helps to mitigate this threat.

Polar ecosystems are extremely vulnerable to harm from shipwrecks, which often release oil or other hazardous liquids.

Hull punctures are commonly caused by collisions with ice, with damage most likely to occur near or below the waterline. When damage is detected, immediate efforts must be made to repair the ship while it is still buoyant. This is particularly important because vessels do not normally have divers on board to perform underwater repairs.

Hull repair kit to prevent oil spills

The Miko Polar Kit is a comprehensive solution for rapidly sealing ships’ hulls and preventing shipwrecks. The kit consists of Miko Marine’s DNV GL-qualified magnetic patches, including the patented Miko Plaster®, and a complete installation system. The ship’s crew is trained in advance so that it can implement the solution quickly when damage is detected. No divers or ROVs are needed for subsea application down to 2 metres below the waterline.

The repair kit is also capable of sealing the containment tanks of offshore drilling units.

Hull repair patch for preventing oil leaks on a boat
Miko Marine AS

Concrete benefits

In 2017, the IMO introduced the Polar Code to improve vessel safety and prevent pollution. To achieve Polar Code certification, ships must be able to demonstrate that their crew is prepared to respond to emergencies in polar areas. The Miko Polar Kit helps to demonstrate this preparedness, as it is a comprehensive solution that can be implemented by ship’s personnel.

Market potential

The increasing volume of ship traffic and expedition tourism in the Arctic and the Antarctic is accompanied by an increasing risk of ship damage. The Miko Polar Kit has the potential to become standard equipment for ships in icy waters. The solution is now carried on board several cruise ships, and can be used on all other types of vessels as well.

Established in 1997, Miko Marine provides safety, salvage and recovery systems for marine vessels. These include a solution for underwater removal of oil from shipwrecks, underwater magnets, sea chest covers, and magnetic patches to repair hull leaks.

Rana Ireifij

Business Development Manager

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