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Magnetic Miko Plaster hull repair patch prevents oil leaks

Published 22 Mar 2023 (updated 31 May 2024) · 2 min read
Hull repair patch for preventing oil leaks on a boat

At a glance

  • Magnetic tarpaulin to patch hulls below the waterline
  • Requires divers
  • Rapidly deployable and cost-effective

Damaged ships are at high risk of leaking oil and other hazardous liquids into the ocean. The Magnetic Miko Plaster for patching punctured hulls helps to mitigate this threat.

Hull breaches are a common cause of environmental damage from ships. When a puncture is detected, immediate efforts must be made to repair the ship before oil or hazardous liquids leak out. Valuable time may be lost before divers are able to perform underwater repairs with standard solutions such as steel welding or wooden plugs.

Hull repair patch to prevent oil spills

The patented Magnetic Miko Plaster® is a magnetic tarpaulin qualified by DNV GL for sealing off hull breaches, as well as sea chests and water inlets/outlets below the waterline while the ship is afloat.

The Miko Plaster is made from layers of reinforced PVC matting and a nitrile rubber sheeting. The seal is achieved by magnetic adhesion between the patch and the steel surface. Water pressure helps to keep the seal in place. The larger sizes of the Miko Plaster are equipped with a buoyancy sheet to facilitate easy handling under water. The tarpaulins are reusable and will not become demagnetised after long-term storage.

Concrete benefits

Produced in Norway, the Miko Plaster is a cost-effective and reliable solution for keeping water out and hazardous liquids in. The simple patching procedure can be done by divers on board the ship, thereby cutting repair response time considerably. The product can also be used for sealing the containment tanks of offshore drilling units.

Market potential

Thousands of oil spills occur each year. Most are small in size, spilling less than one barrel of oil, while larger spills may leak as much as 200 000 metric tons. Some 50 to 75 per cent of major oil spills result from collisions, groundings or hull failure.

The Miko Plaster can be customised for use on all types of steel vessels. Standard sizes can be delivered to site in urgent situations, together with tools for installation.

Established in 1997, Miko Marine provides safety, salvage and recovery systems for marine vessels. These include a solution for underwater removal of oil from shipwrecks, underwater magnets, sea chest covers and emergency hull repair kits.

Rana Ireifij

Business Development Manager

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