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iCsys enables remote-controlled operations in inaccessible areas

Published 17 Oct 2022 (updated 25 June 2024) · 2 min read

Quick information

At a glance

  • Complete remote control system for all types of operations
  • Flexible, with a user-friendly interface
  • Reduces operating costs and transport-related emissions

The iCsys control system makes it possible to remotely operate drones, vehicles, and autonomous systems from any location worldwide.

Increasingly, remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are being deployed in harsh and remote environments to perform difficult or dangerous tasks.

Although the systems are autonomous, they require human control. Performing operations at hard-to-reach locations is costly and time consuming, involving transport and accommodation of personnel. Moreover, transport, for example by offshore helicopter, generates significant greenhouse gas emissions.

Flexible remote control

iCsys provides all necessary services and components for a complete remote-controlled system, including firmware, hardware, and software. The iCsys system is operated via a proprietary graphical user interface called the iCsys Suite, which enables the user to choose screen setup, administer reporting, and access real-time data.

By combining iCsys’ hardware and software, users can operate ROVs, UAVs and other autonomous systems from anywhere in the world. The system functions equally well for subsea drones in industrial operations as for electric bicycles used by consumers – and everything in between.

iCsys is open for all APIs, enabling control of most known firmware. The system is easy to set up and rearrange. It automatically detects and configures most systems and equipment, which can be adjusted, replaced and configured on site, without the need for reprogramming. Moreover, equipment may be changed and modified while in operation.

iCsys delivers an IoT-based control system for electric city bikes.
iCsys delivers an IoT-based control system for electric city bikes.

Concrete benefits

The iCsys remote control system features an efficient communication protocol to minimise latency and downtime. Depending on the equipment or autonomous system to be controlled, the system can communicate via satellite, mobile network, Wi-Fi, optical fibre, or cable.

This flexibility, in addition to the user-friendly interface, allows a single operator to control multiple operations in multiple parts of the world from a single location, without an extensive support team. This in turn reduces the size of the operational teams and the need for personnel transport and accommodation, thereby cutting costs and greenhouse gas emissions considerably.

In this solution for mountain inspection and safety delivered to the AF Group, the drone is controlled by the iCsys remote control system and communicates through a 4G network.

Market potential

The iCsys remote control system can be used for a wide range of applications, including energy exploration, aquaculture, subsea operations, drones, robots, autonomous vehicles, industrial production, and avalanche control.

iCsys is a pioneer in its field and produced the world’s first commercial remote-control system for ROVs.

Sebastian Hennig

Project Manager

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