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HYON delivers complete hydrogen solutions for shipping

Published 6 Jul 2022 (updated 3 June 2024) · 2 min read
Model of the solution

Quick information

At a glance

  • Modular and tailor-made hydrogen solutions for shipping
  • Light and compact power generators with as much power as gas-based generators
  • Reduces emissions, noise pollution and overall energy consumption

HYON offers systems for renewable hydrogen production, storage, dispensing and electricity generation via fuel cells on board ships.

Maritime transport accounts for 940 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually, equal to roughly 2-3 per cent of total global emissions, and there is international pressure and commitment to cut these emission in half by 2050.

Converting ships to renewable hydrogen technology will drastically help reduce maritime emissions, as renewable hydrogen fuel cells have no other emissions than heat and water. However, the uncertainties associated with hydrogen availability, and the perceived complexity of the technology, act as hinders for investors, project owners and potential buyers.

Complete hydrogen solutions

HYON reduces the risk of implementing hydrogen solutions on board ships, through integrating technology from companies Nel, Hexagon Composites and PowerCell. This enables HYON to deliver tailor-made solutions for a broad range of vessels, from ferries and high-speed crafts to short sea shipping and cruise ships.

The technology includes renewable energy stored in hydrogen that generates electricity via fuel cells. With more and more renewable power coming on-stream, environment-friendly hydrogen from electrolysis are being produced at competitive costs. This lets shipowners store and transport their own hydrogen.

Solution plan

HYON’s solutions are made to fully integrate with existing systems onboard ships, such as power electronics, electro-systems, control and safety systems, and cooling and heating systems. The fuel cells have a long lifetime and are smaller and lighter than maritime gen-sets.

The onshore facilities include hydrogen production either locally in port or centrally close to a power plant. Ships with hydrogen as fuel will typically bunker somewhat more frequently to reduce the onboard storage needs.

Concrete benefits

By implementing hydrogen technology on board ships, HYON helps shipowners to reduce energy consumption, harmful emissions and noise pollution. The tank and fuel cell systems are robust equipment made to withstand harsh marine environment, and is noise and vibration free, which benefits the onboard working environment.

Implementing the HYON solution gives companies unique and simple access to other world-leading hydrogen technology from Nel, Hexagon Composites and PowerCell.

Market potential

Hydrogen technology is sought after in short sea shipping, including for ferries, passenger boats, high speed crafts, tugs and service vessels. Other attractive markets are offshore vessels and cruise ships with predetermined routing.

HYON was founded in 2017. It is the first company ever to receive an “approval-in-principle” from classification society DNV for module-based fuel cell hydrogen solutions adapted for maritime use.

Tomas Tronstad

Managing Director

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