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HydrogenPro provides green hydrogen to power-thirsty industries

Published 24 Oct 2022 (updated 29 Apr 2024) · 3 min read
Three man in red jackets inspecting a hydrogen electrolyser

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  • Scalable, modular systems for hydrogen plants
  • Advanced electrolyser technology
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions from hydrogen production

HydrogenPro delivers green hydrogen production plants, doubling traditional hydrogen plant output and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Green hydrogen has the potential to accelerate the transition to renewable energy.

However, conventional hydrogen production is based on fossil fuel reforming, an inefficient process that emits greenhouse gases. Therefore, alternative production processes that make hydrogen a more environment-friendly and viable energy source are needed.

Growing attention is being focused on hydrogen production by water electrolysis, a process that does not emit pollutants. This green hydrogen can help to meet the increasing demand for renewable energy in commercial industries. It can be used in various applications, including power-to-gas, refining, synthetic fuel, fertiliser, steel production and energy storage.

Pollutant-free green hydrogen

HydrogenPro designs and delivers large-scale, energy-efficient hydrogen production plants based on advanced electrolyser technology. Green hydrogen is a low-emission, cost-competitive alternative to traditional hydrogen production.

The company’s core technology is an alkaline high-pressure electrolyser. Unlike traditional alkaline systems, this high-pressure unit reduces compression costs and is well suited for handling variable loads from solar panels and wind turbines.

The electrolyser system is modular and scalable to site requirements. Compact in design, the system is adaptable for seamless integration. HydrogenPro provides containerised solutions for small plants, indoor installations for medium-sized plants, and large-scale turnkey plants for large industrial customers.

HydrogenPro boosts electrolysis efficiency

HydrogenPro’s advanced technology makes green hydrogen an increasingly viable alternative to less expensive and potentially unsustainable energy sources.

The solution increases the efficiency of each electrolyser unit by 14 per cent. This is a significant financial savings, as the cost of electricity is 70 to 90 per cent of the cost of producing hydrogen. Thus, the value of such increased efficiency is roughly equal to the investment cost for the entire plant.

Moreover, the solution has already reduced the cost of hydrogen to USD 1.20 per kg in 2022, well below analysts’ predictions of USD 1.5 per kg by 2030.

HydrogenPro gets high marks on eco-friendliness as well. Its hydrogen production process neither creates emissions nor uses scarce or noble metals. The company also maintains a strong focus on safety, durability and reliability.

Expanding global cooperation

Recent feasibility studies have demonstrated the potential for hydrogen applications. In addition, the significant decline in the cost of wind and solar energy has opened the prospect of large-scale production of green hydrogen.

As conventional hydrogen is substituted with low-carbon hydrogen to reduce emissions, the demand for green hydrogen at petroleum refineries will increase. Moreover, opportunities for green hydrogen will grow as international carbon policies challenge industry players to develop more sustainable agribusiness.

Established in 2013, HydrogenPro recently signed a joint venture agreement with Chinese Tianjin HQY Hydrogen Machinery and acquired Danish Advanced Surface Plating. It has also built the infrastructure to conduct basic R&D in Denmark and to test upscaled electrode technology in Norway.

In Europe, HydrogenPro is seeking to build an assembly plant with a European supply chain in France, Germany, Spain or the UK. In North America, the company is planning to build an assembly plant to cover areas of the US in collaboration with one of its largest customers.

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