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Hukkelberg zero-emission workboats

Published 12 May 2023 (updated 7 Feb 2024) · 2 min read
Two green electric workboats in the water

At a glance

  • All-electric, high-speed workboat
  • Suitable for a wide range of professional applications
  • Lower operating costs than traditional boats

Hukkelberg’s all-electric, high-speed workboat is suitable for many different boating operations. “We have been in the business for nearly 90 years. Our zero-emission workboat is the most recent step in our journey,” says Øyvind Hukkelberg of Hukkelberg Boats.

In many industries, high-speed, heavy-duty workboats are essential for carrying out a myriad of tasks. The greening of the maritime sector is now giving rise to hybrid and electric versions, such as those from Hukkelberg Boats.

Versatile electric workboats

Hukkelberg’s first fully electric aluminium workboats are a zero-emission version of the company’s diesel-powered workboats and fill a special niche in the market.

“We make high-speed electric workboats for professional use,” Hukkelberg says. The workboats are intended for use in diverse areas – from personnel transport, search and rescue, and surveying to ROV inspection, surface-supplied diving, and law enforcement.

The company has solved a complex engineering puzzle. “Put simply, we have optimised the structure of our conventional workboats by reducing the weight while maintaining the strength. This is crucial because batteries weigh more than other forms of propulsion,” he explains.

The workboats feature an electric engine and can provide sufficient performance for different market segments.

Blue electric workboat sailing in the water with a mountain behind it
Flying Fish 37 Electric powered by an Evoy propulsion system.

Economic benefits

In addition to reducing emissions, companies may benefit from financial savings as well. “While the initial cost of going electric is higher, companies will recoup this over time thanks to improved fuel economy and lower operating costs,” Hukkelberg points out.

They will also be better positioned to meet sustainability targets, both their own and those imposed by the authorities.

The company draws on its decades of experience to custom-build every workboat. “Our customers have a high degree of input, and we include them in the process as well,” he says.

A growing market

Authorities such as the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the EU have set stringent emission targets for the shipping industry, increasing demand for green maritime technology.

Founded in 1938, Hukkelberg is a family-owned and run business. “Our company started out building and repairing fishing boats. In the beginning of 1990, we moved into high-speed workboats, which is our core business today. Our decades of focused experience give us a competitive edge, and we are always looking for the next step,” concludes Hukkelberg.

Øyvind Hukkelberg

Hukkelberg Boats

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