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Hayk makes EV sharing an easy choice

Published 20 Mar 2023 (updated 29 Apr 2024) · 3 min read

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Quick information

At a glance

  • Incentive-based EV sharing for colleagues and neighbours
  • Improves utilisation of otherwise idle EVs
  • Reduces emissions and traffic congestion in cities

Hayk motivates EV owners to share their cars among colleagues and neighbours, reducing air pollution and traffic congestion in cities. “We are cracking the code of EV utilisation. Since cars stand idle 97 per cent of the time, we provide an incentive-based solution that makes good use of all those parked EVs,” says Nikolai Pyke, CEO of Hayk.

Every year more than three million cars are added to the car fleet in Europe. Heavy motor traffic means poor air quality, high noise levels and traffic congestion.

One solution is to expand the road and parking system, but this comes with a high financial, social and environmental cost. In urban centres, expansion is not even an option. A more feasible approach is to implement solutions that enable city dwellers to use other forms of transport and share their cars with others.

Hayk’s car sharing platform changes EV owners’ habits for the better

Hayk delivers a P2P platform that incentivises EV owners to share their cars. The EVs are shared within communities that the owners are familiar with, such as their workplace or residential area. Individual car owners can arrange to rent their EV to a colleague or neighbour in need of low-cost, short-term transportation.

In addition, Hayk contracts with parking lot companies to ensure EV owners can always find a parking space. It also provides incentives to make car sharing more appealing, such as free car washes and tyre changes.

“Habits are hard to change, and it takes time,” says Pyke. “We believe you can reach the masses if you cater to convenience, which is why we offer time-saving incentives. This is even more important to them than saving money or getting rental income.”

All of this is made possible through an innovative B2B suite that allows collaboration among individuals and companies. This has not been done before by any car-sharing solution.

The Hayk solution sets a low threshold to get started. The dashboard lets anyone create and manage a Hayk community, enabling easy, cost-efficient administration. It also improves utilisation of existing resources, such as cars and parking spaces, and provides daily data on the amount of emissions saved from car sharing.

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A win-win for people and the environment

The Hayk solution benefits everyone from large companies to car-free households.

Companies will reduce their emissions from employee car use. For example, workers who use taxis or fleet cars can now rent a colleague’s EV instead. Companies also save money on fleet investment and maintenance.

In addition, employees can commute by bus or train, knowing that they can easily access an EV at work. Since parking is prearranged, drivers know exactly where to park, relieving traffic congestion and saving drivers valuable time.

“Companies are under enormous pressure to be sustainable – to walk the talk. With Hayk, they can measure their environmental impact and share those figures with customers, shareholders and government authorities,” says Pyke.

EV owners see similar advantages. They decide who they want to share their car with, eliminating the fear of renting to a stranger. In addition, drivers gain peace of mind knowing their employer or local community is running the platform. They also earn revenue when their cars are idle and receive value-added services for convenience.

As for renters, they can book a car from work or home, save money on car ownership, and boost their green image.

“We also anticipate better social relations from colleagues and neighbours sharing their cars,” says Pyke.

Up-and-coming player in the sustainability market

The green technology and sustainability market is expected to reach USD 42 billion by 2028. Hayk holds great promise in this area, as it smartly responds to major urban trends: urban policy to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution, companies concerned about their environmental track record, and people seeking more convenience and a desire to do their part for the planet.

Hayk has been launched in Norway, mainly in Oslo. “We view Norway as an ideal testing ground for our solution, given its high rate of EV adoption and openness to new technology in general,” says Pyke.

In 2022, the company plans to expand internationally, starting with Germany, the UAE and the US. Interested companies can take contact already now.

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Founders (from left): Dr Musstanser Tinauli, Helge Bod Vangen and Nikolai Pyke.

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