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GETEK enables the use of renewable energy in rural and remote areas

Published 7 Jul 2022 (updated 7 Feb 2024) · 2 min read

Quick information

At a glance

  • Off-grid power supply unit running on renewable sources
  • Highly mobile and easy to deploy
  • Enables use of clean energy in energy-intensive, off-grid operations

GETEK’s Autonomous Power Supply enables access to clean and stable energy in places with non-existent infrastructure. This is one of the fundamental requirements for economic development and human welfare.

In order to limit global warming, renewable energy has to be implemented as widely as possible.

However, in places with restricted or no access to a centralised power grid, such as in rural communities or remote research stations, people often rely on polluting diesel generators to provide a stable supply of high-output energy.

Mobile off-grid power supply

The Autonomous Power Supply (APS) from GETEK makes renewable energy a more viable option for off-grid energy production. The system is a power supply unit designed to exploit energy generated by solar panels and wind turbines.

Using a built-in battery, the APS stores energy at peak production times. It automatically switches between real-time energy production and the battery to provide a steady and reliable output level throughout the day and night.

The APS is a plug-and-play solution, ready to be used, and gives 230/415VAC output to cover user needs. This makes it a mobile and accessible energy system that can be easily deployed and moved, providing renewable energy where and when it is needed.

GETEK’s Autonomous Power Supply (APS)
GETEK’s Autonomous Power Supply (APS) is a mobile energy system.

Concrete benefits

Depending on the model, the APS can provide an output of up to 24KW. This is sufficient for providing sizeable structures with lighting and air-conditioning, or even for powering a field hospital. As a safeguard, the APS is also equipped with a small diesel generator that turns on automatically if necessary.

The APS’s performance is monitored remotely by GETEK. For the most part it only requires one maintenance checkup a year.

Market potential

The APS is suitable for all sectors involved in or in need of off-grid energy production.

GETEK launched the predecessor to the APS unit in 1993. Since then the company’s solutions have powered temporary camps run by the UN World Food Programme, research facilities in both the Arctic and the Antarctic, and numerous privately owned recreational cabins in the Norwegian mountains.

research station on Bouvet Island
The APS is powering this research station on Bouvet Island – the world’s most remote island.

Morten Gaustad

Managing Director

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