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Full-service electrification of construction sites with Aneo Build

Published 10 Dec 2023 (updated 11 Dec 2023) · 3 min read
Yellow charging container charging an electric bulldozer

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  • Full-service electrification of construction sites
  • Provides mobile charging, planning and implementation
  • Reduces carbon emissions, promotes sustainability

Aneo Build delivers an electrification solution for construction and building sites, enabling the industry to meet zero-emission requirements. “We provide the hardware and assist our clients throughout the electrification process, from planning to completion,” says Anna Dorthea Willassen, Business Developer at Aneo Build.

Across Europe, large cities such as Amsterdam, Oslo and Stockholm have mandated that all construction sites are to be emission free by 2030. In some cases, sooner. But professionals in the construction industry are experts in their own fields, not necessarily in electrification. How can they meet the fast-approaching zero-emission requirements while still focusing on their core business? It’s a daunting task.

“Electrification is its own area of specialisation. Some builders have tried to do it themselves without much success. Others don’t even know where to start,” explains Willassen.

Innovative mobile charging with expert consulting

Aneo Build delivers a solution to fully electrify construction and building sites. Comprehensive in design, the solution comprises both charging hardware and consulting services. “Our flexible service concept makes it easy, transparent and reliable to electrify,” says Willassen.

In terms of hardware, Aneo Build offers mobile, plug-and-play charging through its innovative charging and battery containers. The most mobile solution is the charging trailer, a fast charger on wheels that can be moved directly to where the machinery is operating, eliminating unnecessary and energy-intensive belt and machine relocation.

The larger charging container, meanwhile, is more suitable for projects with limited power grid capacity and high power requirements. Aneo Build also offers mobile fast chargers without batteries, ideal for projects with sufficient power grid capacity.

At the same time, the solution goes well beyond hardware. The services include needs assessment, transportation and delivery, and operation and support. Energy consumption is optimised using an AI-based solution and data collected from the equipment. The model strives to control consumption optimised for lower energy prices, decreasing energy costs between 5 to 10 per cent on average.

Four people in yellow work jackets and hard hats in front of a green charger container
Aneo Build offers mobile, plug-and-play charging with innovative charging and battery containers.

Aneo Build shrinks construction’s carbon footprint

The solution enables construction sites to reduce their emissions quickly and efficiently. “Through electrification, we have helped our customers to save 900 000 kg of CO2e,” says Willassen. While reducing emissions, the solution ensures operational uptime of 98 per cent. This is crucial in order to avoid delays and stops in construction projects.

The environmental benefits of this are clear: less air pollution, more sustainable communities and greater use of renewable energy. Electrified construction drastically reduces noise pollution as well.

In addition, the solution ensures that builders are able to meet zero-emission deadlines. They also gain a competitive edge in public tendering processes, which normally set strict environmental standards for construction work.

Trillion euro market must go electric

The construction sector in most European countries accounts for 4 to 7per cent of their GDP. In absolute numbers, the EU’s construction revenues come to well over EUR 1 trillion. This is a massive market that will increasingly need solutions for electrification.

“Today our solution is all about electrifying the construction site for daily operations. In the future, we will focus more on data collected at the site to draw conclusions about optimisation,” says Willassen.

Aneo Build has had over 60 projects across Norway and plans to enter the Swedish market in 2024. This will be followed by Finland, the Netherlands and Germany. The company was named a finalist in the Norwegian Construction Industry’s Innovation Award 2023.

Anna Dorthea Willassen

Business developer – Build

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