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“Dock & roll” with MobiDock’s wireless charging for e-scooters and e-bikes

Published 8 Jul 2022 (updated 29 Apr 2024) · 3 min read
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Quick information

At a glance

  • Urban parking solution for e-scooters and e-bikes
  • Uses wireless charging technology
  • Reduces e-scooter clutter and improves micromobility in cities

MobiDock delivers a universal e-scooter and e-bike parking solution that uses wireless charging technology. “Our system increases micromobility options in cities and tidies up city centres at the same time,” says Dr Thomas J.J. Meyer, CEO of MobiDock.

The use of micromobility is flourishing in European cities, reducing car traffic and carbon emissions. But parking all those new solutions is creating chaos in city centres. Without an orderly system in place, many e-scooters are parked haphazardly. “E-scooters thrown about on city sidewalks obstruct pedestrians, create an eyesore, and even cause accidents,” says Meyer.

Universal micromobility with inductive charging

MobiDock® Easy Charge System solves this problem with a high-tech parking solution. “Municipalities can use MobiDock to clean up the mess of random e-scooter and e-bike parking, while achieving their own sustainability goals,” explains Meyer.

The MobiDock system is deceptively simple, comprised of an inductive charging module and a docking station. The charging module clamps onto new or existing e-scooters or e-bikes in less than five minutes. The docking station provides a safe, orderly means of charging and storing them when not in use. Users remove the e-scooter or e-bike from the docking station, ride it to their destination.

The technology, however, is anything but simple. Developed by its parent company, Unplugged, MobiDock’s wireless charger has automated power regulation to charge any micromobility device. “The fact that the system is both wireless and efficient creates the potential for flexible solutions in many different applications,” says Meyer.

The MobiDock solution also features the Dock &Roll mobile app and cloud-based software, for a versatile, user-friendly experience.

Electric scooters and bicycles

MobiDock parks and charges in one place

MobiDock® optimises the logistics of e-scooter and e-bike use and management. Since charging is initiated upon docking, scooters, bikes and batteries do not need to be collected and charged at another location. This simplifies the charging process, saving time and operating costs.

Moreover, the docking station holds the scooters and bikes in place, reducing damage and the need for maintenance due to falls.

A tidier city centre allows pedestrians to walk safely and unencumbered through the streets. This is especially crucial for those with movement and vision challenges. Urban aesthetics are improved as well, as an orderly environment brings a sense of well-being.

Business opportunities abound

“The sky’s the limit when envisioning potential markets for MobiDock,” says Meyer.

In the public sector, for example, municipalities can offer micromobility to the general public, while large complexes such as hospitals can provide the same to their employees.

“In the private sector, hotels, holiday camps and parking garages can use MobiDock to provide micromobility to their customers. This is an especially promising market,” says Meyer. Other potential customers include cafés, malls, bars, property developers and micromobility operators.

MobiDock® is well-suited for use in a variety of business models: Mobility as a Service, Charging as a Service, and a cost-plus model.

“The market is huge. We are especially excited about the opportunities in the warmer climes of Southern Europe,” he concludes.

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