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Brim Explorer's electric tourist ship in the Arctic

Published 6 Jul 2022 (updated 3 June 2024) · 2 min read

At a glance

  • Electric vessel for zero-emission maritime tourism
  • Silent engines and underwater drones take tourists close to nature with minimal impact
  • Will operate year-round in Lofoten and Tromsø in Northern Norway

Brim Explorer is setting a new standard for maritime tourism using a hybrid-electric ship and underwater drones.

The tourist industry brings enjoyable experiences to a growing number of people every day. However, as the industry grows, so does its climate impact and pressure on local resources, such as water and energy.

At the same time, the value of people exploring new places and cultures makes it undesirable to hamper the growth of tourism. That is why it is essential that tourism in the 21st century is defined by sustainability.

Sustainable tourism

With support from the environmental organisation Bellona, Brim Explorer has set out to create waves in the industry with the introduction of greener and more sustainable travel experiences along the coast of Norway.

The Brim Explorer vessel illustration on calm waters

The ground-breaking Brim ship is a medium-sized, hybrid-electric catamaran with a sleek, modern design. It is 24 metres long, 11 metres wide and holds 140 passengers.

Brim is a zero-emission vessel which runs silently, meaning it can take tourists close to nature and wildlife with minimal impact.

Brim offers a unique tourist experience through the use of underwater microphones, cameras and drones. This allows passengers to see what is happening both below and above the surface.

In addition, Brim allows tourists to offset their emissions from travelling by buying carbon credits through Chooose. Chooose removes the carbon credits from circulation and invests the money paid for them in green energy projects in developing countries.

Concrete benefits

Brim can run for a full day on battery power and can charge overnight in most ports in North Norway. That means no fossil fuel emissions, a silent and less disturbing operation for the wildlife, and enhanced guest experience.

By providing green ways to travel and experience the wilderness, Brim Explorer helps to reduce the negative impacts of tourism and serves as a source of inspiration for others to follow.

Market potential

Adventure tourism is expanding both in Norway and internationally, and there is a growing market for green tourism and sustainable alternatives at sea.

The electrification of vessels is, moreover, an essential part of the broader drive to create green maritime industries, including the fisheries, transport and leisure industries.

Brim Explorer is a small tourism company in North Norway which began its journey in 2018. It has teamed up with designer Einar Hareide and Norwegian shipyard Maritime Partner to create a unique vessel for experiencing nature.

In 2020, the company’s tours were chosen by British newspaper the Daily Telegraph as one of “The 50 greatest adventures on Earth”.

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