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Amina’s EV charger makes driving electric effortless

Amina Charging delivers an affordable EV home charger, bucking the trend towards more apps and increasing complexity. “We have created the smallest and simplest EV charger in the world, while maintaining high quality,” says Ferdinand Solberg, Business Developer at Amina Charging.

Black EV charging box on a grey wall

At a glance

  • Small, simple, affordable EV charger
  • Hardware-only product; no app necessary
  • Reduces cost and complexity of EV charging

Solution status


Our smartphones are overflowing with apps. The average person has over 80 of them and uses 30 of those each month. So who wants yet another app to charge their EV?

“Current EV chargers are unnecessarily expensive and advanced. We don’t think you need a dedicated app for your EV charger. Most of us already have more apps than we need – or want,” says Solberg.

Safe, effortless EV charging at home

Amina Charging delivers an EV home charger solution that is small, simple and affordable. The secret lies in its minimalism. The charger consists of high-quality hardware only; no dedicated app is needed.

“Our hope for the future is that every home will have an EV charger. To make that happen, we have created a solution for people who want to charge their car as effortlessly as they charge their phone,” says Solberg.

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Amina makes charging an EV as simple as plugging a power cord into a wall socket, only safer. EV owners can schedule a charge time using the app already provided by their electricity provider or EV manufacturer.

The entire EV charging ecosystem benefits from such simplicity. “We aim to be the best in hardware; electricity providers, charge point operators and e-mobility service providers can provide the software and services. We believe in smart collaboration,” he says.

Black EV charger box on wooden wall next to a car

Amina EV chargers fit everyone’s wallet

“Everyone should be able to participate in the electric shift without giving up quality,” says Solberg.

By design, Amina’s chargers are inherently less costly than more complex solutions, making the charger more affordable. “We don’t need all the components that drive up the cost of typical chargers. By delivering a simple solution, we are able to cut costs dramatically,” says Solberg.

Moreover, drivers with limited tech knowhow will likely find the Amina charger much easier to use, increasing accessibility.

Finally, safety is non-negotiable for Amina. The charger meets all government safety requirements, ensuring safe handling for both installers and consumers.

EV charger market heating up in Europe

The EU has banned the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2035, fuelling the demand for over 65 million charge points by 2035.

Founded in 2021, Amina Charging is already flourishing in the market. “When we launched, we had a precommitment on sales worth USD 7.5 million. People are buying into the idea that we need to reduce the complexity of EV charging,” explains Solberg.

The company uses a B2B model, selling its chargers to wholesalers, energy companies and retail stores. Its focus markets are currently the Nordics and Benelux, and further European expansion is on the map.

“2023 and 2024 will be important years of expansion for us,” concludes Solberg.

Black EV charger on a wooden plank wall

Good health and well-being

3. Good health and well-being

About the goal

Amina Charging helps to reduce ambient air pollution by facilitating the use of EVs.

Sustainable cities and communities

11. Sustainable cities and communities

About the goal

Amina Charging helps to reduce urban air and noise pollution by facilitating the use of EVs.

Contact company



c/o FOMO Works, Grenseveien 21, 4313 SANDNES, Norway

Ferdinand Solberg

Business Developer

+47 906 22 446

[email protected]

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