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Discover the Norwegian brand identity

Telling a shared story and using shared visual elements to take advantage of Norway’s unique selling points can help your company to build a strong, authentic brand in the international market.
Square version of Brand Norway symbols

Go to the Norwegian brand centre to find the help you need

Get access to:

  • Brand story
  • Icons, fonts and illustrations
  • Images and videos
  • Templates for social media, slide decks and more
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Find complete toolkits for selected industries

Content and tools to get you started

Here you can find and download tools for branding and positioning specific industries.

Explore the Norwegian brand story

Fishing boats in the harbour  Henningsvær in Lofoten
Ship yard - Prefabrication of pipe parts
Battery production - Research engineer
Thorvald, the agricultural robot
Vision of The Fjords in the Nærøyfjord
Hiking  Hjerkinn  Dovre

Our heritage shows us that we’re stronger together

Norway is a long and narrow country, with huge differences in nature, a harsh climate and many isolated places.

We Norwegians have been dependent on cooperation to flourish.

Our ability to share knowledge and learn from one another is one of our strengths.

As is our firmness in tackling daunting challenges.

We value a good work-life balance and gender equality.

We also appreciate diversity beyond gender.

We are digitally savvy.

And we are keen to use technology for the greater good.

We use our centuries of experience in traditional industries

to find modern, greener solutions.

Come join us!

We are stronger together.

Brand Norway creative industries illustration (red)

Explore how to use the Norwegian brand identity

This article provides an introduction to the tools and assets you will find in the brand centre and how to use them to strengthen your own brand with the Norway brand.

Red, white and blue Made in Norway label against a blue background

Stand out from the crowd with the Norwegian origin label

Made in Norway is a brand-new stamp of origin, sustainability and responsibility. Capitalise on the many positive associations the world has of Norway as a country of origin. A reminder of the origin of your product or solution can have a differentiating effect on your brand and increase competitiveness.