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How to use the Norwegian brand identity and tools to get started

Natural beauty, clean, a pioneer in sustainability, a supplier of high quality, a stable, equitable society – these are just some of the positive associations countries worldwide have of Norway. You can take advantage of these unique selling points to build a strong, authentic brand in the international market by telling a shared story and using shared visual elements. Here you will find a selection of tools to help you do just that.
Paragliding with the Norwegian flag in Voss
brand norway blue shape elements
Brand Norway figure elements
Brand Norway figures
Brand Norway figures

When can the Norway brand be an advantage?

When Norwegian values, quality and origin are an added value

Norway is known for its natural beauty and for being a clean country, a pioneer in sustainability and a supplier of high quality, as well as for having a highly educated population, equal opportunities, and a good and stable social model. Using shared storytelling and brand elements communicates these attractive and unique selling points.

When you want to be perceived as an official authority

Using Norway as a co-signature will draw attention to your origin and emphasise that you are speaking in an official capacity.

When representing the national team

Using shared storytelling and brand elements will not only allow you to strengthen your own brand, but will also strengthen visibility for and a positive perception of Norway. You will be part of the national team.

When positioning an industry

Utilising Norway’s unique selling points can also be valuable when building a strategic position and competitiveness for a specific industry in the international market.

Discover how to use the Norwegian brand identity

In the brand centre you will find a range of helpful tools and assets, and more are on the way.

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Disclaimer: We are continuously developing new tools and content for communication and brand building, and will be adding to the brand centre on an ongoing basis.

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Content and tools to get you started

Here you can find and download tools for branding and positioning specific industries.

Red, white and blue Made in Norway label against a blue background

Stand out from the crowd with the Norwegian origin label

Made in Norway is a brand-new stamp of origin, sustainability and responsibility. Capitalise on the many positive associations the world has of Norway as a country of origin. A reminder of the origin of your product or solution can have a differentiating effect on your brand and increase competitiveness.