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Terms and conditions for Norway Pavilions

Standard terms for participation in Norwegian joint exhibition stands organised by Innovation Norway.


1.1 “IN” means Innovasjon Norge, Grev Wedels plass 9, 0151 Oslo (organisation number 986 399 445).

1.2 “Exhibitor” means the legal person which IN has accepted as a participant in the Joint Exhibition Stand.

1.3 “Agreement” means these standard terms together with the description of the Joint Exhibition Stand/Trade Fair provided by IN on the Registration Site or otherwise.

1.4 “Trade fair” means the trade fair described by IN on the Registration Site or otherwise.

1.5 “Joint Exhibition Stand” means the joint exhibition stand described by IN on the Registration Site or otherwise which will be organised by IN during the Trade Fair.

1.6 “Registration Site” means the website/registration solution where the Participant signs up for the Event.


2.1 All Exhibitors shall be approved by IN. Subletting of the Exhibitor’s own exhibition floor space is not permitted.

2.2 Unless otherwise stated in the invitation or agreed in writing with IN, only producers of goods and services with sufficient ties to Norway and companies, associations, organisations and public players representing Norwegian producers with sufficient ties to Norway are permitted to participate in the Norwegian Joint Exhibition Stand. IN determines whether the ties to Norway are sufficient.


3.1 The registered Exhibitor shall appear as the main exhibitor. Subsidiaries, importers, agents and other cooperation partners may be permitted to participate as sub-exhibitors by written agreement with IN.

3.2 IN decides which rights and which access sub-exhibitors are to have to the services offered to the Exhibitor. Unless otherwise agreed, sub-exhibitors are responsible for all practical matters related to their participation in the Exhibitor's stand and must cover all costs associated with participation themselves.


4.1 If there is a lack of space, IN is entitled to prioritise among the companies, associations, organisations and/or public players that have registered for the Trade Fair, both with respect to who will be allowed to participate and the floor space allocated to each participant. Unless otherwise specified on the Registration Site, exporters of goods and services will be prioritised ahead of associations/organisations etc.

4.2 That a company, association, organisation or public player has previously participated in similar events organised by IN, does not mean that it will be prioritised ahead of other interested parties. This applies to both the prioritisation of which actors are permitted to participate, the space allocated to each Exhibitor and the placement of each exhibition stand.

4.3 The final decision on which actors are permitted to participate, the allocation of space and the placement of the stand is made by IN.


5.1 Registration must be done on the Registration Site. Registration is only binding once IN has accepted the participation in writing. If an Exhibitor wishes to withdraw from participation, the Exhibitor is financially liable pursuant to the rules in clause ‎7.

5.2 IN has the right to refuse participation if there are reasonable grounds to do so, including a low credit score or outstanding monetary claims from IN.

5.3 If a registration is submitted after the deadline for registration has expired, IN retains the right to claim coverage for all additional costs relating to the late registration, such as the reallocation of floor space, extra bookings etc.


6.1 The participation fee falls due for payment in its entirety in accordance with the terms of payment stated in the invoice(s).

6.2 The amount of the participation fee will be stipulated on the Registration Site. IN reserves the right to deviate from the stipulated price if currency fluctuations or unforeseen expenses entail costs beyond the stipulated amount.

6.3 IN reserves the right to demand payment of a sum on account based on the estimated participation fee. Unless otherwise agreed, the final participation fee will be invoiced once the total cost of the Joint Exhibition Stand/Fair Trade is known.

6.4 Failure to pay the participation fee and/or the payment on account within the stipulated deadline may lead to forfeiture of the right to participate. In such case, IN is entitled to utilise the floor space.

6.5 The participation fee is calculated on the basis of the allocated exhibition floor space. Unless otherwise agreed, the minimum exhibition floor space is 9 square metres per Exhibitor.

6.6 In the planning phase, IN is entitled to reduce/increase the individual Exhibitor's allocated exhibition floor space to a reasonable extent in order to ensure that the total available floor space is utilised in full. The final participation fee is stipulated on the basis of the adjusted floor space.

6.7 The participation fee covers the services stated on the Registration Site. IN will normally offer a standard package containing:

  • 6.7.1 Rent for floor space
  • 6.7.2 Erection and dismantling of the Joint Exhibition Stand
  • 6.7.3 Common areas, decoration of common areas and exterior marking of the Norwegian Joint Exhibition Stand
  • 6.7.4 Carpet/floor, general lighting, simple furnishing and any joint sign with company names
  • 6.7.5 Operation of common areas
  • 6.7.6 Project management

6.8 Exhibitors who choose different decorations, equipment or additions beyond what is offered in the standard package must administer and cover the cost of this themselves. Such changes must be approved by IN, cf. clause ‎8.1.

6.9 IN reserves the right to invoice services not covered by the participation fee as they arise.


7.1 If an Exhibitor chooses not to participate in the event or is prevented from participating, the Exhibitor in question is not exempt from paying the participation fee and/or the stipulated amount on account. IN can freely make use of the floor space that becomes available due to non-participation, without the Exhibitor in question being entitled to claim reimbursement from IN.

7.2 If another party wishes to participate instead of the deregistered Exhibitor, and if it is practically possible to change exhibitors, the participation fee will be refunded with the deduction of a cancellation fee that is intended to cover all costs in connection with changing exhibitors, such as the reallocation of floor space, administration costs, any new information material required etc.IN is not obliged to find an alternative exhibitor in cases of deregistration.

7.3 IN is entitled to cancel the Joint Exhibition Stand if an insufficient number of participants register for it. IN is also entitled to cancel the Joint Exhibition Stand if there are reasonable grounds for doing so.

7.4 If IN cancels its participation at the Joint Exhibition Stand, paid registration fees will be refunded. No compensation will be paid for expenses or extra work incurred by the Exhibitors in connection with the Joint Exhibition Stand.


8.1 IN is responsible for designing the Joint Exhibition Stand with a view to achieving a uniform result. Reasonable account shall be taken of the promotion of the individual Exhibitor's products/models/exhibition material, decorations and individual wishes. IN makes the final decision.

8.2 Exhibitors and sub-exhibitors must comply with the guidelines and orders given by IN or companies IN has hired to assist in the implementation of the Fair Trade and Joint Exhibition Stand. This will typically be companies hired to build and/or operate the Joint Exhibition Stand.

8.3 The products on display shall be notified in advance. The nature of the decoration elements used shall be such that the overall impression of the Joint Exhibition Stand is not impaired. IN reserves the right to approve exhibited products as well as the choice of decoration elements. In connection with such approval, IN can require each Exhibitor to present a sketch of its decorations.

8.4 If an Exhibitor wishes to use its own supplier to design its stand, this must be reported to, and approved in writing by, IN or the company IN has chosen to build the Joint Exhibition Stand.

8.5 The project’s deadlines must be met. IN cannot guarantee that requests or changes submitted after the expiry of the stipulated deadlines will be accommodated. The individual Exhibitor is financially liable for all additional work that is necessitated by material being submitted too late and/or failure to meet other deadlines. Such additional costs will be specified and invoiced to the Exhibitor in question.

8.6 The individual Exhibitor is responsible for ensuring that products, models, decorations etc. have been placed correctly and are in working order the day before the Joint Exhibition Stand opens, or by the deadline stipulated by IN.

8.7 The individual Exhibitor undertakes to comply with general as well as specific instructions and safety regulations that IN, organiser, police, fire service or other agencies find necessary.


9.1 All Exhibitors are financially liable for costs relating to the transportation of their own models, products, exhibition stand material, decorations etc., and any costs relating to assembly and packing. IN will request a price quotation from a freight forwarder.

9.2 All Exhibitors are responsible for removing their own models, products, exhibition stand material, decorations etc. at the end of the Fair Trade. IN is not responsible for objects that are left behind. Exhibitors accept that unclaimed objects can be disposed of / destroyed. IN will claim reimbursement for all expenses incurred due to inadequate tidying up/removal.


10.1 Each exhibition stand shall be staffed at all times during the Trade Fair’s opening hours, unless otherwise agreed in writing with IN.


11.1 Each Exhibitor is responsible for any damage/harm to buildings, interiors, facilities or persons caused by themselves, their personnel or their products. Necessary repairs and remedying of damage shall be carried out at the expense of the Exhibitor in question.

11.2 IN is not responsible for any thefts or injuries/damage to persons or objects that take place in the trade fair area. The individual Exhibitors must arrange for full insurance of their own personnel and their goods during the Trade Fair, as well as transport insurance for goods regardless of whether the goods are transported by a shared freight forwarder or not.

11.3 IN has zero tolerance against discrimination, harassment and other forms of offensive or improper behaviour. This also applies to events and exhibitions. Behaviour in breach with these fundamental principles, may result in exclusion, criminal liability and/or liability for damages.


12.1 IN is exempt from liability if the Trade Fair cannot be held because of war, strikes, terrorism, natural disasters, embargoes, lock-outs, epidemics, pandemics, new or amended laws and constitutions or other force majeure situations.

12.2 IN is exempt from liability if the dates for the Trade Fair are changed or the organisers cancel the Trade Fair.

12.3 If the Trade Fair does not take place for reasons mentioned above, registered Exhibitors are liable to a pay part of the participation fee corresponding to the costs incurred by IN at the time of the cancellation.

12.4 If situations arise during the Trade Fair that are beyond IN’s control, such as interruptions to the supply of electricity, water, heat, telecommunication and computer connections etc., Exhibitors are not entitled to claim compensation or a partial of full refund of the participation fee or the expenses for equipment rental etc.

12.5 IN cannot be held liable for any failure to attract the general public to the Trade Fair and/or the Joint Exhibition Stand.


13.1 IN’s processing of personal data is described in the privacy declaration available on The privacy declaration contains inter alia information on processing purposes, the categories of personal data processed and the categories of persons the personal data relates to.

13.2 As further elaborated on in the privacy declaration, IN may inter alia process personal data relating to persons with roles (general manager, member of the board, contact person etc.) in the companies and other legal persons which IN has entered into an agreement with. If the Exhibitor is a legal person, it is obligated – through reference to the privacy declaration or otherwise – to provide information to the personnel attending the Joint Exhibition Stand regarding IN’s processing of their personal data.


14.1 IN shall contribute to sustainable development, including greater corporate social responsibility in Norway. The parties agree that their collaboration must be based on high ethical standards, avoid contributing to corruption, violations of human rights, and poor working conditions, and have no deleterious effects on local communities and the environment. IN expects that customers and partners have guidelines for ethics and social responsibility for their activities.

14.2 If a party acts in violation with this clause, the other party may terminate the contractual relationship with immediate effect.


15.1 In case there is any conflict between the Norwegian and the English version of these standard terms and conditions, the Norwegian version shall prevail.


16.1 The Exhibitor will be requested to participate in surveys in connection with evaluations, customer surveys etc. of IN's business arranged by IN, IN's owners or contracting authorities. Such surveys are important in the work of developing the best possible service offering to the business community.


17.1 The rights and obligations of the parties under this Agreement shall in their entirety be governed by Norwegian law.

17.2 If a dispute is not resolved through negotiations or mediation, each party may require the dispute to be resolved with final effect before the Norwegian courts of law. The venue shall be the court of domicile of IN.