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Criteria for registration

Who is eligible to register on Business Norway?

All companies registered in the Brønnøysund Register Centre are eligible to register on Business Norway, with the exception of:

  • sole proprietorships,
  • accelerator programmes,
  • companies producing consumer goods that are only sold B2C,
  • companies that are purely distributors,
  • companies providing solutions to increase the efficiency of oil and gas recovery,
  • consultancy firms or research institutes providing services that are not based on in-house designed solutions.

What criteria must be satisfied?

  1. Your solution must be green and/or sustainable (according to Business Norway’s definition).
  2. Your solution must contribute to achieving at least one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  3. You must have plans for international growth.
  4. You must follow principles of corporate responsibility.

How are solutions assessed?

Solutions are assessed based on the information submitted by the company, information on the company’s website, and the like. Companies are themselves responsible for verifying that all information is correct.

An editorial team assesses whether the solution falls within Business Norway’s definition of green and sustainable solutions, which UN Sustainable Development Goals are applicable, and whether the solution has come far enough along the development pathway to be showcased on the platform.

Terms and conditions

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