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Zegeba’s data capture platform facilitates digitalisation in companies

Published 28 Nov 2022 (updated 29 Apr 2024) · 2 min read

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At a glance

  • Generic data capture platform for all types of organisations
  • Generates reports and data for immediate analysis
  • Scalable, easy to use, with no need for costly customisation

The Zegeba platform captures and streamlines data from people and a variety of sources, enabling companies to use the data to improve work processes, efficiency and sustainability.

A vast number of companies and organisations have manual work processes in which documentation and data are recorded on paper, in Excel, Word or PDF documents, or in siloed systems.

Thus, important data is not available in a format that can easily be interchanged or analysed, preventing companies from fully realising the potential of the data for improving core processes, organisational learning, efficiency and sustainability.

Flexible and user-friendly data capture platform

Zegeba is a generic data capture platform that transforms paper documents and files, such as forms, checklists and inspection reports with images and video, into an all-digital format, and users can generate reports and data for immediate analysis.

The platform is simple to configure and does not require programming. Zegeba can be used as a standalone solution or connected to other applications via an API or plug-ins to create optimised solutions. Companies can create templates and reports to suit their needs, enabling them to avoid costly tailormade platforms.

The Zegeba platform is delivered as SaaS, with iOS, Android and web apps. Users can switch between devices and work both online and offline to prevent interruptions, making work easier and less time-consuming.


Concrete benefits

Zegeba is a streamlined and intuitive platform that facilitates data capture, processing, distribution and analysis. Because it is easy to use, it smooths the transition from paper to an all-digital format, also for employees who are not digitally savvy. It is scalable, so companies can start small and expand the platform according to need.

Moreover, digitally structured data helps companies and organisations to gain insight into their work processes and identify opportunities for improving quality, efficiency and sustainability.

For example, the Zegeba platform has been used to create tools for self-assessment and development for UNESCO and the 1 121 World Heritage Sites, helping to promote sustainable tourism and protect cultural heritage in keeping with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and selection criteria for the World Heritage List.

Market potential

The market potential is global as Zegeba platform is a generic solution that can be adjusted to fit the core processes of any company in any sector. The platform is already used extensively by companies in the maritime and offshore industries, as well as by global agencies and NGOs. The company also targets the construction, food production, health and manufacturing sectors.

Zegeba’s main market is the Nordic countries. The company has plans to enter the European and US markets and later the Asian and African markets.


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