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Data-driven fuel efficiency at sea

Published 8 Aug 2022 (updated 3 June 2024) · 2 min read
Ship using Yxney Maritime`s software

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  • Cloud services for the shipping industry
  • Collects ship data to determine optimal operation
  • Cuts fuel consumption and reduces the chances for human error on board ships

Yxney Maritime’s MarESS software helps shipowners to save fuel and promotes sustainable maritime operations.

Tracking fuel consumption at sea has not always been a priority in the offshore sector. But thanks to new international standards for energy efficiency, that is changing.

There is now a growing need for easy-to-use tools to monitor and control fuel use during operations. However, this is challenging due to the complexity of operations and unique operational patterns.

Identifying inefficiencies

MarESS software visualises fuel consumption for individual vessels or an entire fleet by gathering existing data and combining it with data from other sources such as AIS and weather routing information.

Historical performance data is used to establish a unique vessel fuel consumption baseline. The steady stream of data is used to compare real-time fuel consumption to the vessel’s baseline and find potential inefficiencies. MarESS identifies periods where vessels consume excessive amounts of fuel and proposes the most effective fuel saving initiatives.

Each vessel in a fleet can also be compared to any other vessel, allowing users to evaluate performance and initiatives on several levels. Combining powerful data analytics with an instant and easy-to-use interface, MarESS is a valuable decision-making tool.

Demonstration of Yxney cuts in cars

Concrete benefits

MarESS is cloud based so no files need to be downloaded or installed. The software can be run on any computer. It requires little bandwidth, so it can be used with any offshore internet connection. Moreover, because the system uses existing data sources, there is no need for retrofitting hardware on board vessels.

MarESS includes a digital Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP), which eliminates the need for paper documents for annual certification.

Ship using Yxney`s solution

Market potential

Offshore vessels consume large amounts of fuel. Even the slightest percentile reduction in the offshore fleet’s consumption may lead to significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and costs.

Yxney Maritime was founded in June 2016. The company has already installed MarESS on more than 140 ships for one of the world’s largest offshore vessel companies, Norway’s SolstadFarstad.

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Sindre Stemshaug Bornstein

Chief Commercial Officer

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