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Upkip provides manufacturing companies with real-time data on equipment and emissions

Published 21 Mar 2023 (updated 29 Apr 2024) · 3 min read
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  • Cloud-based data collection for manufacturing companies
  • Real-time monitoring boosts efficiency and cuts CO₂ emissions
  • Affordable monitoring solution for SMEs

Upkip is a real-time manufacturing monitoring solution enabling companies to increase efficiency and reduce CO₂ emissions. “Upkip provides manufacturing and production companies with real-time data on emissions, overproduction and much more,” says Rune Stølan, Managing Director of ICB Digital.

Thirty per cent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions come from manufacturing industries. Reducing this footprint is essential to meeting the emission reduction targets set out in the Paris Agreement.

Moreover, inefficiency – such as equipment inefficiency, downtime and scrap – is a major challenge in the manufacturing segment, resulting in a significant waste of energy and material resources.

In addition, existing monitoring, analytics and digitalisation solutions for industry do not allow for connectivity with different CNC machines and sensors.

Machine learning and advanced analytics for real-time insights in industry

Upkip, pronounced “upkeep”, is a real-time monitoring solution incorporating advanced analytics and machine learning. It is designed to help manufacturing and production companies to boost efficiency and shrink their carbon footprint, by enabling them to monitor and measure a wide range of parameters in real time, including CO₂ emissions, equipment effectiveness, downtime, and much more.

Upkip can connect with many different types of CNC machines, production lines and external sensors to extract, store and analyse data that can be translated into actionable insights. For example, Upkip’s analytical machine learning models for predictive maintenance give companies the insights to take preventive measures before machines fail, thereby extending their life cycle. Using existing machines longer and ordering fewer replacements in turn reduces CO₂ emissions and cuts operating costs.

Industrial device for measuring temperature
Upkip connects with many types of external sensors to extract, store and analyse data.

Upkip also gives factory workers situational awareness, helps them to identify scrap before manufacturing starts and enables them to precisely measure KPIs. According to Rune Stølan, another major benefit of Upkip is that it integrates with a company’s existing information systems, making it easier for companies to collect and centralise data across all segments.

“We can utilise the software a company is currently using by adding Upkip as a top layer to collect data and provide real time results,” he says. These results can then be used for further optimisation and digitalisation.

Industrial laser
Upkip is used by HTS Dynamics, a manufacturing company targeting the subsea technology industry.

Monitoring solution designed with SMEs in mind

Upkip was designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that may have difficulty finding an affordable advanced monitoring solution.

“We offer a pay as you go plan, making it easier for smaller companies to adopt our platform and provide their shareholders with real-time data on CO₂ emissions and other parameters,” says Stølan, before pointing out that the solution is suitable for large enterprises as well.

Screenshot of system
CO₂ emissions dashboard for HTS Dynamics.

Strong demand for monitoring and environmental documentation

As the manufacturing industries continue to grow, so will the demand for monitoring and documentation. “Stricter reporting requirements from regulatory authorities are creating demand for tools that can help to document environmental impacts and emissions,” says Stølan.

Upkip’s target segments include manufacturing companies using CNC machines and production lines, distributors of CNC machines, and implementation partners with expertise in production optimisation, maintenance and IoT.

Upkip’s main markets are the Nordic countries and Austria, Germany and Switzerland. ICB Digital has a presence in Bulgaria and plans to expand there, in Romania and across the region.

ICB Digital is a joint venture between InterConsult Bulgaria (ICB) and International Development Norway (IDN). ICB Digital will draw upon IDN’s global network to expand the adoption of Upkip.

Rune Stølan

Managing Director

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