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TotalCtrl Food Bank helps to make food relief quicker

TotalCtrl Food Bank is a digital solution that helps food banks and charities to save time, prevent food waste and collect data.

tabel and system shown on computer and mobile phone

In Europe alone, 8 per cent of the population suffers from food insecurity, lacking regular access to sufficient nutritious food. Many of these people find hunger relief through food banks.

Traditionally, food banks have recorded the food they receive from suppliers and the food they hand out to customers manually, compiling the handwritten lists into a spreadsheet at the end of the day. This is both time-consuming and not conducive to data tracking.

For this reason, the European Federation of Food Banks (FEBA) has identified standardised, systematic data collection as an important step in better quantifying the impact of food banks.

A self-service inventory solution for food banks and charities

The TotalCtrl Food Bank solution is a tool for helping food banks to move from analogue to digital processes.

The solution consists of two interfaces (apps): one for the food bank and one for the food bank’s customers.

The TotalCtrl Food Bank Inventory app allows the food bank to monitor its food inventory, track suppliers and manage customer requests. Products are easily scanned in or entered manually, providing a full overview of the inventory at all times.

The TotalCtrl Food Bank Customers app gives customers an overview of the food bank's inventory in real time. It also allows them to easily scan products for self-checkout after collecting their food.

tabel and system shown on computer and mobile phone
Totalctrl AS

Concrete benefits

The TotalCtrl Food Bank solutions replace manual paperwork, digitising and streamlining the process of registering and handing out surplus food. This helps both food banks and their customers to save time and prevent food waste. It also enables food banks to improve data collection and data tracking.

TotalCtrl Food Bank is available as a monthly or annual subscription with full customer support.

tabel and system shown on computer and mobile phone
Totalctrl AS

Market potential

In the Global FoodBanking Network, there are 943 food banks in over 34 countries. There are also numerous partner distribution organisations, independent food banks, food organisations and prepared meal charities. In 2020 food banking organisations worldwide are experiencing a surge in demand due to COVID-19.

TotalCtrl Food Bank’s technology was developed in collaboration with Food Banks Norway (Matsentralen), where it is currently in use.

Zero hunger

2. Zero hunger

About the goal

By streamlining food bank operations, TotalCtrl Food Bank can help to ensure that people have access to sufficient food.

Responsible consumption and production

12. Responsible consumption and production

About the goal

By reducing food waste at food banks, TotalCtrl Food Bank can help to achieve the target of halving global food waste by 2030.

No poverty

1. No poverty

About the goal

By streamlining food bank operations, TotalCtrl Food Bank can help to make food relief quicker.

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