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Tom Wood’s high-end jewellery nears net-zero emissions

Published 9 June 2024 · 3 min read
Woman with braids wearing a large square ring and small square hoop earrings

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At a glance

  • Ethical, sustainably made jewellery
  • Uses recycled gold and silver, vets suppliers
  • Reduces emissions, increases transparency in supply chain

Tom Wood is a Norwegian-based jewellery house, known worldwide for its distinctive, contemporary jewellery design and low environmental impact. “We aim for social and environmental sustainability in everything we do, including net-zero emissions,” states Morten Isachsen, CEO of Tom Wood.


Since time immemorial, people have loved their jewellery. Today jewellery is a global, multi-billion dollar industry, bringing joy, beauty and fine art to its wearers.

On the flip side, the jewellery industry faces sustainability challenges on a grand scale. Overconsumption. High GHG emissions. Supply chain concerns such as corruption, mining and child labour.

“In creating jewellery that we love, it’s equally important that we feel good about where it comes from,” explains Isachsen.


Jewellery with longevity and broad appeal

Tom Wood creates timeless jewellery with a bold, contemporary aesthetic. The collection began as a modern interpretation of the historical signet ring, which was soon followed by earrings, bracelets, chains and pendants. The signet ring remains at the core of the product line.

Founder Mona Jensen incorporates Scandinavian simplicity, innovation and functionalism into her designs, and draws inspiration from nature, sculpture, architecture and history. Materials range from recycled 925 sterling silver to various types of recycled gold, coupled with gemstones such as black and white diamonds.

“When Mona developed her design aesthetics in 2013, she went for an androgynous look, which appealed to men and women alike,” says Isachsen, who joined his wife in the company soon after the launch. The collection was an immediate global success.

“We have a democratic brand that attracts people from 16 to 70 years old. It’s not too trendy. We want our brand to stand the test of time in terms of quality and aesthetics. It can even be passed down to the next generation,” he adds.

Young man with brown curly hair wearing a gold signet ring with green marble and a gold chain necklaceeen-Marble_
tom Wood has achieved the use of 100% traceable and recycled gold and silver in all of its jewellery.


Tom Wood leads in ethical, sustainable jewellery

Within the industry, Tom Wood stands out for its commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

The company has achieved the use of 100 per cent traceable and recycled gold and silver in all its jewellery, reducing the carbon footprint of its products by 95 per cent and overall emissions by 28 per cent in 2022, and 22 per cent in 2023. It has also introduced Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) with e-commerce shipments.

In addition, the company promotes complete transparency in the supply chain. To set a precedent, it publishes information about the manufacturer of every Tom Wood product on its website.

Moreover, the company has relied on digitalisation from day one, ensuring that time is spent efficiently and administrative tasks are kept to a bare minimum. It also has an in-house lab with 3D scanners, printers and laser engraving machines, enabling rapid prototyping and increased supply chain efficiency.


Exported globally to high-end markets

In just over a decade, Tom Wood has built an international brand in which 90 per cent of its business is export. “We sell primarily to the world’s pickiest buyers in Tokyo, London, New York City, Seoul, Shanghai and Singapore,” says Isachsen.

The company has two flagship stores – in Oslo and Tokyo – and works with high-end department stores, independent retailers and concept stores. There is an online store as well.

Tom Wood is certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council and participates in the UN Global Compact. In addition, it was recently invited to join the Watch and Jewellery Initiative 2030, the world’s leading sustainability initiative in the jewellery industry.

Founder and Creative Director Mona Jensen and CEO Morten Isachsen are the people behind Tom Wood.

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