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Tinymesh makes wireless connectivity easy, scalable and affordable

Published 22 Mar 2023 (updated 29 Apr 2024) · 3 min read
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Quick information

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At a glance

  • Plug-in network interface cards and surface-mount modules
  • Enables wireless connectivity for smart city and IIoT applications
  • Pre-configured and ready to install in new or existing systems

Tinymesh provides a wireless solution for intelligent data capture and device control for smart meters, smart streetlighting and other smart city applications, as well as for the Industrial Internet of Things.

Smart cities have many benefits for emerging and developed economies alike. These include a reduced environmental footprint, more efficient public utilities and improved safety. All smart cities require the use of sensors and wireless networks to connect these sensors.

In many emerging markets, however, there is a lack of large-scale infrastructure. There is also a lack of skilled engineers for infrastructure roll out, which is often a costly and demanding process. Moreover, local experience with and knowledge for implementation of radio communication systems are often limited.

Pre-configured, out-of-the-box mesh networks

Tinymesh designs and manufactures high-quality, scalable, plug-in network interface cards and surface-mount modules for smart cities and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The solution is used for data capture and device control using two-way wireless communication. It comes pre-configured and ready to deploy out of the box.

The powerful command structure and interfacing capabilities enable design engineers to establish a fully functional network with minimal effort, and without the cost for radio frequency (RF) and network design. Tinymesh’s unique two-way wireless RF communication uses licence-free wavebands from 169 MHz–2.4 GHz to suit operating requirements anywhere in the world.

Tinymesh enables smart metering for collecting data on energy use, as well as monitoring and control of smart streetlighting systems, smart water meters, surveillance equipment, wireless sensor networks, etc. Tinymesh products are available as standalone units or as a service including Tinymesh tailored cloud services for maintenance and operations. Customers access the cloud through Tinymesh REST Api.

Man pointing at electric supply in India
CEO and founder of Tinymesh, Thorstein Tønnesson, in India.

Concrete benefits

Tinymesh network interface cards are designed for use in smart energy meters and smart streetlights, enabling efficient, low-cost installation and maintenance of large-scale roll outs and retrofits.

When used in smart energy meters, the secure two-way communication capability enables utilities to optimise network efficiency and reduce losses from theft and network deficiencies through remote load control and intelligent use of consumption and technical data collected from consumers.

Remote control of luminaires enables municipalities and private operators to optimise energy consumption and at the same time improve comfort and safety for citizens by tuning each luminaire to the needed light output at any given location and current requirement. Automated status monitoring of power consumption and temperature on individual streetlights provides data for more efficient maintenance and operations.

When deployed in street lighting systems, the Tinymesh network provides an efficient data collection system for other smart city services, such as air quality monitoring and parking space availability.

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Market potential

The largest markets for Tinymesh are the emerging economies where smart energy meters and smart streetlights are being deployed. In India alone, the demand for smart energy meters is estimated at over 250 million units. Demand for smart streetlights in India is expected to exceed 100 million units.

Tinymesh is a proven technology with more than one million installations across three continents.

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