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Tidewave turning mattress stops pressure ulcers before they start

The Tidewave turning mattress automatically turns patients prone to pressure ulcers, improving patient care and providing relief to healthcare staff. “We can help more patients to live a good-quality life at home and provide consistent, quality treatment in hospitals and nursing homes,” says Bjørn Sebastian Lorentzen, CEO of Tidewave.


Pressure ulcers, also known as bedsores, are painful injuries that affect roughly 4 million patients in Europe. This includes bedridden patients, people in wheelchairs, the elderly and the chronically ill. “The cost of treating pressure ulcers is enormous. While prevention is the most effective treatment, this is not always possible due to the shortage of healthcare workers,” says Lorentzen.

World’s first smart turning mattress

The Tidewave turning mattress relieves the pressure that causes bedsores with a gentle, automated movement. Patients are moved laterally in sequences lasting from 20 to 40 minutes. “Patients are hardly aware that they are being turned. This is why we call our solution ‘Tidewave’. It’s like a slow incoming or outgoing tide,” says Lorentzen.

Ergonomically designed, the mattress curves around the sides of the patient’s body. This prevents patients from falling out of bed and distributes the body weight across a larger area, relieving more pressure. Patients feel safe and comfortable as well.

The Tidewave system can replace any standard mattress used in private homes or healthcare facilities. The mattress settings give a choice of turning speed and angle, from 10 to 30 degrees.

“Our technology ensures that patients are positioned correctly at all times. Patients should not be turned more than 30 degrees. They need to lie on soft tissue rather than on bony areas such as hips,” says Lorentzen.


Life-changing for the elderly

The smart mattress eliminates problems associated with manual turning, which can cause pain, disturb sleep and induce anxiety in patients. Hanne Sofie, a patient at Sandnes Rehabilitation Centre, explains how the Tidewave turning mattress helped her:

“It was a major relief to finally sleep soundly and not lie partially awake, waiting for the nurses to turn me. When I got home, the mattress let me live independently. I had no need for homecare services in the morning.”

Moreover, healthcare facilities can focus on prevention rather than treatment. The smart mattress can be used for at-risk patients, so they never develop bedsores in the first place. This allows facilities to save money, use limited resources more efficiently and provide better patient care. The smart mattress also improves the work lives of staff, who no longer need to perform the strenuous turning task 24/7.

Automation in high demand

The growing elderly population, combined with a lack of healthcare workers, is driving the market for pressure relief mattresses. Valued at USD 1.75 billion in 2021, this market is projected to reach USD 2.45 billion by 2028.

“No automated process has managed to satisfactorily replace manual repositioning despite the clear demand from the market. This is where Tidewave comes in,” Lorentzen points out.

A CE Class 1 medical device, the smart turning mattress was introduced in Norway in 2020. Target customers include hospitals, nursing homes and homecare services. The company is now seeking to expand into Denmark, Germany and Sweden.

Good health and well-being

3. Good health and well-being

About the goal

The Tidewave turning mattress improves the quality of life for the elderly, disabled and chronically ill.

Decent work and economic growth

8. Decent work and economic growth

About the goal

The Tidewave turning mattress improves the working environment by relieving healthcare workers of a common, strenuous task.

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Hillevågsveien 101, 4016 STAVANGER, Norway

Bjørn Lorentzen


+47 932 21 084

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