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Statkraft’s data centre sites are powered by renewables

Published 7 Nov 2022 (updated 7 Feb 2024) · 2 min read

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  • Shovel-ready sites for data centres in Norway
  • Immediate access to cheap and abundant sources of hydropower
  • Substantially reduces carbon footprint for data-dependent companies

Operating data centres is expensive and energy-intensive. Statkraft offers data centre sites that help companies to cut costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

Data traffic will soon consume more energy than air traffic – and it is growing faster. That is why it matters what powers the flow of images, messages, videos and music between data servers and computers or mobile devices.

Today, the world’s data centres are mainly powered by coal, gas and oil. According to the International Energy Agency, renewable sources account for only 23 per cent of current electricity production. For the growth of data centres to be sustainable, then, new data centres must run on renewable energy.

Shovel-ready data centre sites

Statkraft Data Center Sites invites large data centres to Norway, where the power supply is nearly 100 per cent renewable, and the wholesale electricity price is amongst the lowest in Europe.

Statkraft offers shovel-ready sites for building data centres, with direct access to dark fibre solutions going east, south and west – to London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Stockholm.

With stable political and economic conditions, Norway ranks high on ease of doing business. Regulatory processes are moreover transparent and welcoming towards foreign investors, thus reducing investor risk.

Finally, Norway is not exposed to natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions or tornados, keeping Statkraft’s data centre sites safe and secure.


Norway’s cool climate reduces cooling needs

Statkraft’s sites offer the opportunity to build safe, investor-friendly and carbon-neutral data centres.

Moreover, Norway’s naturally cool climate means that less energy is needed for cooling, enabling companies to reduce their carbon footprint even further.

Additionally, the local workforce in Norway is highly educated and English-speaking.

Statkraft offers access to abundant renewable energy

Statkraft has cooperated closely with power-intensive industries for more than 120 years, including aluminium producers and cellulose manufacturers, offering access to relatively cheap and abundant sources of hydropower. The same principles can easily be applied to data centres.

As Europe’s largest renewables provider, Statkraft offers all types of short and long-term power contracts and market access services, in what is considered to be the most well-functioning power market in the world.

Atle Haga

Program Director

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