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Statkraft brings renewable energy to market

Published 24 Mar 2023 (updated 7 Feb 2024) · 2 min read
Windmills and solar panels

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At a glance

  • Europe’s largest virtual power plant
  • Minimises costs of connecting renewable power to the market
  • Gives producers predictability and stability

Statkraft connects over 1 300 renewable energy producers to Europe’s largest virtual power plant.

The number of producers of renewable energy from small to large scale – particularly solar and wind power – is increasing steadily worldwide. It is, however, no easy task for producers to bring their power to market. It requires, among other things, adequate market insights, analysis capabilities and 24/7 shift operations.

Remote control

Statkraft takes over the task of bringing power to market, as well as responsibility for balancing the renewable energy produced.

Statkraft operates Europe’s largest virtual power plant connecting over 1 300 renewable energy installations in Germany. It has an installed capacity of 10 000 MW and can supply more than 6 million German households with clean energy

Through the virtual power plant, Statkraft remotely controls renewable production units and can start or stop them with immediate effect. This ensures that electricity supply is aligned as best as possible with market demand and helps to avoid periods of negative prices.

Statkraft analyses meteorological data to improve the production forecast from specific wind turbines and solar panels and with that minimise the costs of integrating renewable power into the market.

Illustration of statkraft ecosystem for solution

Concrete benefits

Statkraft either offers renewable energy producers to benefit from renewable energy subsidy schemes, or a fixed price per produced megawatt hour for several years. This gives producers the predictability and stability they need, facilitating the further expansion of renewable power in Europe.

Market potential

The market for renewable energy is growing every year. In Europe, Statkraft brings a portfolio of 15 000 MW of renewable energy to the market. The company is currently active in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and the UK.

Lars Magnus Günther

Director of Communications

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