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STADT lowers ship emissions with efficient propulsion

Published 8 Aug 2022 (updated 3 June 2024) · 2 min read

At a glance

  • Lean propulsion system for any kind of ship
  • Cuts fuel consumption by up to 60% and lowers emissions
  • Saves space, weight, cooling, noise and maintenance

STADT has created a unique propulsion system for vessels of any size. It reduces fuel consumption by up to 60 per cent, thereby cutting emissions.

The shipping sector accounts for 80 per cent of the global trade of goods. While shipping is more environment-friendly than other modes of transport, the large number of ships still results in significant greenhouse gas emissions.

To reduce these emissions, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has since 2013 required new boats and ships to be classified according to their energy efficiency. Guaranteeing fuel efficiency has thus become a pressing concern for shipbuilders across the globe.

Lean propulsion

STADT has created a patented, lean propulsion system, improving ship propeller performance. The technology reduces fuel consumption by up to 60 per cent and generates up to six per cent more power from engines.

The STADT system significantly reduces weight and frees up space. It has a minimal need for cooling and is much less complex than traditional electric propulsion systems, with an 80 per cent fewer components.

STADT’s lean propulsion system moreover emits no electromagnetic interference and reduces noise significantly. It also generates five per cent less waste heat.

Lean propulsion system

Concrete benefits

A lean, more efficient propulsion system means fuel savings and emissions cuts for any type of vessel. It also means space and weight savings, noise reduction and an extended lifetime.

STADT’s propulsion system has extremely high reliability because of independent power lines and, as a result, maintenance is simple.

Finally, the system improves manoeuvrability for ships, making braking, acceleration and reversing smoother.

Market potential

The STADT propulsion system can be installed on any type of ship, anywhere in the world. And as fuel economy becomes increasingly important in the shipping industry, innovations such as STADT’s will become more sought-after.

STADT was founded in Norway in 1985. It has delivered propulsion systems since 1996. The company’s lean drive was patented in 2008. Customers include Saab’s naval division, and the world’s largest trimaran superyacht, built at Echo Yachts in Perth, Australia.

STADT's lean propulsion will also be used in a new generation of naval ships for a NATO country. The particular details of this project are not yet public information.

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