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SpillTech PortBin for floating waste collection at ports

Published 22 Mar 2023 (updated 7 Feb 2024) · 2 min read

Quick information

At a glance

  • Device for collecting marine waste along the coast
  • Floating bin which absorbs nearby surface debris
  • Used by several ports in Norway and Denmark

A new method for collecting floating waste is in use at ports in Scandinavia and the UK.

Plastic waste and other floating debris is a huge problem in coastal areas, especially in cities.

The first ever European-wide strategy on plastic waste, published in 2018, specifically mentions port reception facilities as an area of concern. Waste from both ships and land gathers in ports and is often carried out to sea.

Oil spill technology

Based on technology from oil spill response systems, SpillTech has created the PortBin tide product range, robust and simple devices for removing floating waste.

The PortBin mechanism works in much the same way as an oil skimmer. It sucks in surface water and debris from surrounding areas, filtering waste into a container. When the container is filled with waste, it is easily emptied into a container and fitted back into the PortBin.

In Bergen, Norway, a single, small-size PortBin collected over 12 000 pieces of plastic in six months. About 60 per cent of the plastic came from single-use packaging for food and drink, as well as from other items for private consumption.

The PortBin is delivered in different sizes, ranging from the standard tide version with a 30-litre container to an XL 1 000-litre version. PortBin tide was the first of several products developed by SpillTech for marine waste collection. The company’s goal is to create a diverse “toolbox” for handling waste at ports.

Portin collecting waste in the ocean

Concrete benefits

The PortBin tide products help to collect marine waste which would otherwise be floating in ports and harbours. They can make public areas cleaner and nicer, while protecting wildlife and giving ports environmental credentials. They can also lower the cost of waste collection in ports.

Market potential

Public awareness of the problems surrounding plastic waste and ocean waste is at an all-time high. Effective measures to handle such waste are only becoming more sought after.

The PortBin tide was launched commercially in 2017. It has been sold to many ports and harbours in Norway, Denmark and the UK. SpillTech is currently exploring market opportunities in Asia, Europe and North America.

Trond Lindheim

Product manager / CEO

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