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SpermVital's advanced insemination solution improves herd fertility on dairy farms

Published 21 Mar 2023 (updated 29 Apr 2024) · 3 min read

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  • Ground-breaking insemination solution for dairy cows
  • Doubles the lifespan of bovine sperm after insemination
  • Improves herd fertility and increases sustainability of dairy farms

SpermVital is a ground-breaking insemination technology for the dairy industry that boosts pregnancy rates in cows by up to 8 per cent. “SpermVital is the first and only solution in history to extend the life of spermatozoa after insemination. This means that dairy farms can dramatically increase their efficiency and sustainability,” says Nils Christian Steig, Managing Director of SpermVital.

In the dairy industry, herd fertility is crucial to the farm’s economy. Ideally all cows will have a calf every year; otherwise milk production will drop.

But tracking the ovulation of a hundred or more cows is not an easy task. Farmers must try to pinpoint the heat of each animal through observation, heat detection systems or synchronisation. Cows that do not conceive cost farmers money, consume resources and add to the farm’s environmental footprint.

Artificial insemination solution doubles the life of semen

The SpermVital technology prolongs the life of bovine sperm after insemination. To achieve this, sperm cells are immobilised in a natural substance before cryopreservation. The patented process enables a controlled release of sperm cells in the uterus, doubling the amount of time that the semen is viable.

While cryopreservation of semen has been around for decades, SpermVital is the first technology to extend sperm life after insemination. In conventional methods, the sperm are released in the uterus immediately, but SpermVital gradually releases the sperm over time. “A conventional semen dose survives for 24 hours, but our solution provides fresh, viable sperm for 48 hours,” says Steig.

This gives dairy farmers flexibility when timing inseminations. “Finding the best time to inseminate is not easy. All animals have slightly different heat signs. A cow has a period of 21 days, so if you miss a heat, you have to wait another 21 days. With our solution, farmers have a wider window of opportunity,” he explains.

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Higher milk production, less environmental impact

SpermVital boosts efficiency on dairy farms by increasing conception rates. This improves the farm’s financial bottom line, while reducing the environmental impact. “Our solution allows farmers to optimise their resource use. In the long run, you will need fewer cows to produce the same amount of milk, and your farm will become more sustainable and generate less methane gas,” says Steig.

Moreover, SpermVital improves animal welfare on farms by decreasing the number of repeat inseminations, which can create high stress levels in cows. The solution also lightens the workload of farm workers by reducing the need for insemination on weekends or public holidays.

Large, untapped artificial insemination market for dairy and beef

The artificial insemination industry is mature in Western markets and rapidly developing in emerging markets. It is estimated that 220 million first inseminations are performed on dairy cows every year. This represents only 14 per cent of the global herd, leaving a vast, untapped market. The beef industry, which has mostly relied on natural mating, is a potential future market for artificial insemination as well.

SpermVital is distributed throughout Europe, and the company plans to expand globally. It is now launching an industrial version of its technology together with one of the market leaders in the artificial insemination market.

“We have a slogan that says ‘increasing possibilities’. That’s what it’s really all about,” says Steig. “Most farmers intuitively understand that increasing the lifespan of the sperm is a good idea. They can easily recognise the value of our technology.”

Nils Christian Steig

Managing Director

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