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SMART BRAKE wireless, remote-controlled brake for light EVs and mobility equipment

SMART BRAKE Technology is the first multipurpose wireless brake on the market, applicable for light electric vehicles, bicycles and wheelchairs.


Most mobility equipment lacks brakes that are functional and easy to operate by users with reduced handgrip strength and physical mobility. Existing brake solutions are often too hard and large for users with reduced handgrip due to age or disability.

This will also be an issue for light electric vehicles (LEVs), which are expected to boom as cities make the shift from cars to e-bikes and the like in the next decade.

Mounted disc brake with wireless remote

SmartGroup's SMART BRAKE Technology allows people with reduced handgrip to brake instantly with full braking power. The first multipurpose wireless disc brake on the market, it can be mounted on LEVs (three to four-wheel e-bikes and crossovers between bikes and cars), sports equipment, wheelchairs and other mobility equipment.

A user needs less than 10 per cent handgrip strength to operate the brake. Active brakes and parking brakes are easily controlled from the same wireless remote and can be operated by the user or a nearby companion. Key functionality can be tailored to users’ needs via a mobile app.

Concrete benefits

SMART BRAKE is compact and lightweight with a universal design that fits a wide range of wheels and frames. It is built on a scalable technology platform that can be adapted to any form of brake system for different vehicles and needs. It is automatically calibrated to optimise brake performance according to different wheels, reducing wear and tear and the need for maintenance.

For mobility equipment, the brake controller can be positioned where most convenient for the user and activated via lever, push button, piston trigger, movement sensor, or voice. The wireless remote with adjustable functionality improves the quality of life for disabled and elderly people, enabling a more active daily life.

For LEVs, SMART BRAKE can be integrated with the existing software platform in the vehicle. Because it wireless, it places fewer limitations on design. The soft brake lever allows people with reduced handgrip to use these vehicles.

Market potential

More than 100 million elderly and disabled worldwide are currently affected by reduced handgrip and mobility, making everyday activities and movement challenging. By 2050, the population of people over 60 is expected to triple, with attendant mobility challenges.

Meanwhile, the demand for LEVs is expected to increase significantly in the next 10 to 20 years.

The company sells SMART BRAKE to distributors worldwide. The addressable global market for new mobility equipment, including wheelchairs, bicycles and rollators, is estimated at USD 1 billion.

Good health and well-being

3. Good health and well-being

About the goal

SMART BRAKE enables people with reduced handgrip and other physical mobility challenges to be more active, resulting in improved well-being and quality of life. It will also enable the use of more light electric vehicles, which will reduce ambient air pollution.

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Osloveien 35, 1534 MOSS, Norway

Morten Østli


+47 913 10 218

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