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Siglar Carbon decarbonises commercial shipping now – not in 30 years

Published 19 May 2024 (updated 11 June 2024) · 3 min read
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At a glance

  • Digital platform to reduce carbon emissions in commercial shipping
  • Taps the power of big data for optimal decision-making
  • Dramatically reduces shipping emissions and costs

Siglar Carbon provides transparent, actionable maritime emissions data, empowering decision-makers in commercial shipping to slash carbon emissions. “Our solution harnesses the power of big data to decarbonise commercial shipping voyage by voyage,” states Sigmund Kyvik, CEO and founder of Siglar Carbon.


Decarbonisation clock is ticking for commercial shipping

In 2018, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) committed to reducing shipping emissions, resulting in many new compliance rules. On 1 January 2024, the EU expanded its Emissions Trading System (ETS) to include the maritime sector.

“Commercial shipping needs better carbon intelligence data. When shipowners and charterers know the carbon consequences of their shipping decisions, they can make low-carbon decisions for each voyage. There’s no need to wait on costly new technology and alternative fuels,” explain Kyvik.


Turns reporting data into actionable emissions insights

Siglar Carbon’s digital platform delivers carbon intelligence data for the commercial shipping industry. The solution takes required emissions data one step further, providing data-based insights that decision-makers can use to slash emissions and costs.

Important decisions relevant for each voyage include choice of vessel, routing, logistics and transparency throughout the value chain. Choosing the right vessel, for instance, can cut voyage emissions in half.

“The question is: do you collect data for the sake of required reporting, or do you do collect data to obtain actionable insights? We do both. The result is not only easy emissions reporting but efficient, massive and instant emissions reductions,” says Kyvik.

The Siglar Carbon Index, for example, illustrates how smart decisions about any given voyage will reduce CO2 emissions.

The indexes estimate carbon emissions on main shipping routes, along with the carbon cost on routes impacted by EU ETS. They are based on real time data from all available and relevant vessels and show estimated carbon emissions from ballast and laden leg plus port stays. The lines represent one ship in the upper, middle and lower emissions range and by comparing them, operators can get an impression of the emissions reduction potential stemming from data-based and well-informed decisions pre-fixing. 


Siglar Carbon slashes shipping costs

Along with a lower carbon footprint comes lowers shipping costs and improved green credentials. “Emissions and costs are integral to each other. Companies that understand this will have a competitive edge,” says Kyvik.

Today this is truer than ever, as the EU recently included the maritime sector in the ETS scheme, the world’s first and largest China ETS is largest by tonnes of CO) carbon market.

To highlight this, the solution contains indexes showing the expected EU ETS cost of voyages.


Shipping industry demands emission-cutting solutions

The global cargo shipping market is projected to almost double in size in this decade, reaching USD 4.2 trillion by 2031. This bodes extremely well for Siglar Carbon, which is seeing growth trends on many different fronts.

“New shipping regulations are increasing the cost of carbon emissions, while demand for low-carbon commodities is growing,” says Kyvik.

Siglar Carbon offers its digital platform as a managed service, as most shipping companies don’t have the capacity or competence to handle the increasing amount of data and regulations. Individual voyages can be monitored 24/7.

“We are successfully redefining commercial decarbonisation, shifting the focus from future technology to real-time decision-making,” he concludes.

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