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Sharefox enables the rental of anything

Published 19 Dec 2022 (updated 29 Apr 2024) · 3 min read

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  • Digital platform for rental businesses
  • Enables easy rental of any returnable product
  • Boosts the circular economy and sales revenues

Sharefox is a digital platform for rental businesses, boosting both sustainability and sales revenues. “Our solution makes renting as easy as buying and selling. Sharefox lets people buy less, consume less and own less,” says Åsgeir Helland, co-founder and CEO of Sharefox.

We all know it. The linear economic model of “take, make, dispose” is destroying our planet. We must transition quickly to a sustainable circular economy. But how can the average person or retailer participate in this crucial shift ? One solution is to rent instead of buy or sell.

“Today the younger generation prefers access over ownership. You don’t need the drill; you need the hole in the wall. We need more profitable business models that share resources,” explains Helland.

Digital platform for profitable rentals

The Sharefox digital platform enables the rental of any returnable product – from skis, bikes and clothing to tools, forklifts and scaffolding. “Our solution helps businesses to start rental-based services quickly or digitise existing rental businesses to optimise their operations,” says Helland.

Sharefox comes as a cloud-based, turnkey digital rental system. Features include online booking and payment, digital receipts and contracts, and time-saving inventory management. The system is designed to be user friendly and intuitive.

“We have the only digital solution developed especially for a rental business model. It’s a scalable system that can be used in any country and in multiple locations,” says Helland.

Moreover, the platform can be integrated seamlessly with various accounting systems and self-service solutions. Rental customers can have their item delivered or they can fetch it from an unmanned location.

Sharefox offers effective inventory management, among many other features.

Sharefox on a sustainability mission

By facilitating resource sharing, Sharefox helps companies to run more sustainable operations. Every product that is rented instead of bought reduces end-of-life waste and pollution from the manufacturing, resource utilisation and transport of new products.

“Our mission is to support the circular economy,” says Helland.

Sharefox also boosts revenues through greater efficiency. The platform automates all manual processes involved in renting, saving both time and money. Companies using a buy-sell business model can easily offer rentals as an additional service, and new rental companies can get off the ground quickly.

Companies will improve their marketing communication as well. The Sharefox platform can serve as a whole new rental website or be merged with an existing website. An integrated blog feature and social media channels let companies easily reach potential customers.

Renting gains momentum

Although the current rentals market is still young, the momentum that the industry has gained in recent years is causing even the largest retailers to reconsider their own business models.

“I see a universal trend towards renting,” says Helland. “Young people are more adept at using digital technology, and they demand the convenience of doing things online. They also give high priority to the climate and sustainability,” he adds.

He also notes that during the Covid-19 pandemic, people of all ages got used to using websites and apps to meet their daily needs. “When it comes to being competitive in today’s markets, you must have a digital solution,” he says.

Founded in 2018, Sharefox has customers throughout the Nordic region and seeks to expand internationally. The company serves both the B2B and B2C markets.

Sharefox’s founding team, from left: CGO Fred Kihle, CEO Åsgeir Helland, and CTO Cristian Leordeanou.

Åsgeir Helland

Co-founder & CEO

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