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Servogear’s high-speed propellers cut maritime emissions

Published 21 Oct 2022 (updated 1 June 2024) · 2 min read

Quick information

At a glance

  • Controllable propellers for high-speed vessels
  • Improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions
  • Most efficient propulsion system between 20 and 50 knots

An efficient propulsion system is essential for fuel efficiency at sea. Servogear’s controllable pitch propellers lower rpm and reduce emissions.

In areas with heavy ship traffic, greenhouse gas emissions are a growing problem – not only CO₂, but also SOₓ, NOₓ and other pollutants.

To reduce emissions, the International Maritime Organization has since 2013 required new boats and ships to be classified according to their energy efficiency.

Guaranteeing fuel efficiency has thus become a pressing concern for shipbuilders across the globe.


Propellers do the work

There are many routes to fuel efficiency, but quality components are key. Whether a vessel’s engine is traditional, hybrid or electric, it needs a high-quality propulsion system to ensure efficient transferral of energy from engine to water.

With Servogear’s controllable propellers, pitch can be increased when a vessel has a light load and decreased when the load is heavy. That means the engine can run at a constant speed while the propellers do the work, ensuring a conservative energy input and an optimal energy output.

Tests conducted by Servogear show that its propulsion system is more efficient than any other for vessels running at 20 to 50 knots.

Concrete benefits

The Servogear system covers an engine range of 400 to 4 000 kW and vessels operating at up to 50 knots. Servogear delivers equipment for fast, medium-sized vessels, such as workboats, ferries and offshore ships. This equipment includes pitch propeller blades, effect rudders, propeller tunnels, shaft brackets and gearboxes.

Market potential

Almost half (43 per cent) of the world merchant fleet consists of medium-sized vessels, according to the European Maritime Safety Agency. These vessels could all benefit from increased fuel efficiency.

Since 1973, Servogear has delivered more than 1 750 controllable pitch propellers worldwide. The company has 50 employees and is located on the coast of Western Norway.

Torleif Stokke

Managing Director

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