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Sensonomic's computational simulations make farming more productive

Published 28 Nov 2022 (updated 29 Apr 2024) · 2 min read


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  • Novel solution for adaptive agriculture
  • Builds a digital version of farmers’ operations
  • Increases yields and reduces food losses

Sensonomic software helps farmers to make informed decisions and accurate predictions about their crops, resulting in higher yields, improved resource utilisation, and reduced food loss.

Farmers must make hundreds of decisions regarding land and asset use, crops, planting, irrigation, fertilisation, harvesting, and more. The challenge is to optimise yield and deliver fresh goods from farm to market – when, where and in the amount needed.

Post-harvest loss squanders over USD 1 trillion worth of food each year, as well as the associated costs of wasted fuel and water. Despite this, 95 per cent of all agricultural research goes to increasing food production, with only 5 per cent directed toward reducing losses.

Agritech software for more profitable farming

Sensonomic’s advanced software builds a digital model of a farming landscape, including infrastructure, assets and farm workers. The model is dynamically updated with input from satellites, drones, sensors and client data-sources for intelligent software analysis. Computational simulations support evidence-based decision-making, which enables farmers to improve efficiency, prevent spread of plant diseases, and achieve a good balance between conservation and profitability.

Concrete benefits

In addition to enabling farmers to optimise yield, Sensonomic’s software helps them to improve logistics, which is key to reducing post-harvest loss. For vegetable oil crops that are especially vulnerable to quality loss, Sensonomic has demonstrated a 15 per cent increase in harvest value.

Sensonomic’s software enables accurate and comprehensive reporting as well. This allows agricultural corporations, industrial farms, cooperatives and farmers associations to document improvements in their farming practices. It also provides a good basis for risk assessment and analysis for insurance providers, finance providers, buyers, and traders.

Market potential

Sensonomic’s software is suitable for use by stakeholders along the entire agricultural value chain to improve harvest planning, resource utilisation, supply chain integration and risk prevention.

Sensonomic has delivered solutions to clients from Europe to the South Pacific, improving production of vegetable oils, sugar cane, rice, shea, and other crops. The company is currently involved in a commercial development project valued at over EUR 1 million.

Anders Gundersen

CEO & Founder

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