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Clarify data collection platform links data and people to improve sustainability

Published 20 Mar 2023 (updated 29 Apr 2024) · 3 min read

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  • Data collection platform incorporating real-time human input
  • Features AI and ML analysis tools
  • Enables real-time collaboration to identify and make changes towards sustainability

Clarify by Searis is a data collection platform linking people, artificial intelligence, machine learning and industry experts together to create lasting sustainability. CEO and co-founder of Searis, Tore Norheim Hagtun, says, “You cannot choose to be sustainable in the boardroom, you choose to be sustainable through the decisions you make every day out in the field.”

Many industries use data collection systems to become more sustainable, whether it is an aquaculture company aiming to reduce waste or a manufacturing company looking to cut carbon emissions.

Companies traditionally rely on experts from outside the field to analyse and interpret the collected data. However, this process lacks the critical, real-time data provided by those working within the operation.

Combining data collection, artificial intelligence and human expertise in an intuitive tool

Searis has developed the Clarify platform to address this problem by combining data, human expertise and applied artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in a unique Software-as-Service (SaaS) tool.

Clarify is built on a modern streaming data infrastructure and can be integrated with SCADA, IoT devices, Industry 4.0 systems, software and other data-generating systems. The platform integrates, organises and stores raw data, metadata and context, providing a foundation for both human and machine-driven analysis.

By adding the element of real-time input from people in the field, Clarify helps industries to become more sustainable. When data is collected and noted by these workers, a change happens.

“The people who do the actual job are in the best position to understand the data. They are close to the operation. When they collaborate and add context to the data, Clarify’s AI and ML technology combine the data sets, ensuring that companies recognise situations when they arise in the future. This allows small yet sustainable changes to be made in the process,” says Hagtun.

Boat driving around circle in water
Clarify is already in use in a wide range of industries, including the aquaculture industry.

Sustainability starts with understanding

For companies to begin to make these small changes, Hagtun believes organisations need to stop functioning with a hindsight mentality: “It’s all about finding the small day-to-day changes that lead to real sustainability improvements.”

Through its valuable analysis tools, Clarify gives companies the foresight to identify concrete changes that can be implemented to improve sustainability in production and operations. Clarify also makes it easier for teams to come together to collaborate around data, in real-time, to learn faster, share knowledge and make better and more sustainable business decisions.

Two people looking at screen in control room
Clarify enables personnel to collaborate in real time.

Increasing demand for advanced tools to promote sustainability

There is growing awareness in the industrial world about the need to increase sustainability – economically, environmentally and socially – and a concurrently growing demand for advanced tools that can facilitate this.

Clarify is already used by leading companies in the agriculture, aquaculture, manufacturing and maritime industries. Other target customers include companies in the food production, energy, natural resources, process and transportation industries.

Tailwinds such as Industry 4.0, commoditisation of IoT, mobile and cloud computing, and AI are expected to drive further demand for Clarify, both in Norway and internationally.

Tore Norheim Hagtun

CEO and co-founder

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