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Seabased scalable wave power parks for clean marine energy

Published 23 Mar 2023 (updated 15 Apr 2024) · 2 min read

Quick information

  • Soon available

At a glance

  • Wave power parks connected directly to the electricity grid
  • Uses patented converter technology to generate electricity from the movement of waves
  • Highly modular and scalable, with minimal ecological impact

Seabased’s modular wave power parks provide emission-free electricity directly to the power grid in coastal areas.

Approximately two thirds of the world’s electricity is still generated from fossil sources, producing large amounts of CO₂ emissions.

Although the transition to renewable energy is underway, there are challenges to overcome, including the intermittency of solar and wind power. Power production from these sources fluctuates greatly, making it difficult for grid operators to meet demand. In order to increase the percentage of renewables on the grid, more reliable sources of renewable energy are needed.

Wave energy can play an important role here, as it provides stable electricity output year round, around the clock.

Wave power parks for stable renewable energy

Seabased designs, builds, and installs utility-scale power parks that make electricity from ocean waves.

The parks generate power through Seabased’s patented wave energy converter technology, consisting of buoys on the surface connected to linear generators anchored to the seabed. The buoys move with the waves, which in turn move magnets in the generators, producing power. A subsea converter transforms this power into grid-ready electricity.

The design is highly modular. The number of buoys and generators can easily be adjusted, allowing customers to start small and gradually expand the power park. This increases flexibility while decreasing risk.

Illustration of underwater solution
Illustration of Seabased generators. Seabased

Concrete benefits

Seabased delivers turnkey wave power parks, including feasibility studies, permit processes, engineering, design, construction, installation, and connection to the power grid.

Installation takes a few days, and once installed the park requires no cleaning. With few moving parts, the need for maintenance is minimal.

Seabased’s wave power parks have a small ecological footprint. They do not use toxic chemicals or blades, are virtually invisible from the shore, and require little land area for the grid connection. Moreover, because no fishing is possible in the parks, they can serve as an artificial reef, potentially increasing biodiversity.

Installation in water
Seabased generators being deployed. Seabased

Market potential

Demand for marine renewable energy is growing, driven by energy security needs, decarbonisation trends, and expanding coastal populations.

Eighty per cent of the world’s largest cities are located in coastal areas and could benefit from wave energy. Additionally, thousands of islands and underserved areas around the world rely on expensive, polluting diesel generators and are actively looking for renewable energy solutions.

The company is currently in the process of industrialising the system, which will be certified for mass production in summer 2021.

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