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Remote Operations delivers drones for transport, surveillance and inspection

Published 21 Oct 2022 (updated 3 June 2024) · 2 min read
Remote Operations drone

Quick information

At a glance

  • Custom-made drones
  • Small drones for inspections and larger drones for delivery
  • Bespoke hardware and software for individual customer needs

Remote Operations delivers versatile drones for a range of purposes. The company provides bespoke hardware and software.

With great advances in drone technology has come a vast array of commercial possibilities. For companies in need of swift goods delivery, large-scale inspections or efficient surveillance, drones could potentially be game-changing.

Equally, for areas with overstressed traffic, drones could alleviate pressure on existing infrastructure and reduce pollution levels.

Regulations for unmanned flight, however, still have not caught up with the industry.

Custom-made drone technology

Remote Operations builds electric unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, for a range of purposes. The smallest drones are used for aerial photos, inspections and surveillance, while larger models are optimised for different types of goods delivery.

For short to medium-distance operations, rotor-style drones from Remote Operations can operate up to 60km from their base. For longer distance operations, fixed-wing drones can reach up to 200km, depending on payload.

The current set of drones handles payloads from 2 to 12 kg.

Because drone regulations differ widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, Remote Operations designs complete drone delivery systems in strict accordance with individual customer requirements.

Remote Operations drone

Concrete benefits

The advantages of drones are many. They offer an environment-friendly method for deliveries or inspections. They are operationally secure. And they save time and money.

Remote Operations drone technology is, moreover, custom-made and scalable for any purpose. For tasks that require land or marine-based vehicles, Remote Operations can supplement their aerial drones with these. The company also offers specialised drone pilot training.

Market potential

The investment bank Goldman Sachs estimates that the private and government sectors worldwide will spend USD 13 billion on drones from today until 2020 – across industries as diverse as construction, agriculture and offshore oil and gas.

Remote Operations currently provides its solutions to a variety of customers in Norway. The solutions are available for delivery anywhere in the world.

Torbjørn Bøe

Business Developer

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