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Real Training provides virtual reality fire response training

Real Training simulates industrial and other workplace fires using mixed VR technology, making response training safer and more environment-friendly.

Virtual reality fire respons training


At a glance

  • Fire response training using virtual reality
  • Safe, qualified instruction without smoke or chemicals
  • Saves on personnel costs for off-site training

Solution status


Fire training is fundamental to safety in the workplace. A timely and practiced response can stop a fire before it spreads.

Traditional training sessions, while necessary, may be costly and time consuming. Personnel must travel to outside facilities, and may be obliged to attend practice sessions outside of normal business hours.

Furthermore, the training requires the use of polluting and combustible materials, which are harmful to human health and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

Fire extinguisher training using mixed VR

Real Training’s VR technology brings fire training to the company’s own workspace. Participants move around on the floor for real, and experience fire and smoke in the room through VR goggles. To put out the fire they must crouch below the smoke and operate a handheld fire extinguisher or fire hose, using correct volume and positioning.

The participant sees the virtual nozzle, the virtual extinguishing agent and its effect on the perceived fire. A skilled instructor provides guidance and feedback, adjusting the level of difficulty until the participant masters the technique.

Concrete benefits

Timely and effective fire response minimises property damage and can help to save lives. Real Training’s mixed VR solution helps employers to meet insurance and safety regulations and provides realistic fire drills with minimal disruption to the workday. Personnel are able to practice throughout the day, without special clothing or protective gear. Fire response is experienced realistically, without the use of chemical agents, flammable materials or smoke.

Market potential

Stringent safety and health laws require companies worldwide to provide a safe working environment for their employees, leading to an increasing demand for fire safety training solutions. The global fire protection system market is growing, and is estimated to reach USD 95.4 billion by 2025 from USD 67.7 billion in 2020.

Established in 2017, Real Training is one of the first companies to use mixed reality VR technology for practical fire training.

Fire extinguisher training using mixed VR


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Arve Aasmundseth


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