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Polyform delivers eco-friendly boat fender for greener recreational boating

Published 13 Oct 2022 (updated 29 Apr 2024) · 2 min read

Eco friendly fender

Quick information

At a glance

  • Eco-friendly boat fender
  • Made without phthalates and with recycled plastic
  • Reduces the environmental impact of recreational boating

Polyform has launched a durable, eco-friendly boat fender for the leisure market. Made in part with recycled plastic, the innovation can help to reduce the environmental impact of recreational boating.

Recreational boating is a popular pastime, but it does put pressure on the environment. Among other things, boating is a source of plastic waste, with plastic bottles and cutlery being blown or thrown overboard.

Moreover, many leisure boats are made of plastic and damage to these can be a source of microplastics. Poor-quality plastic fenders that do not prevent damage when boats come into contact with each other, or which photodegrade quickly, are yet another problem.

Boat fenders made with a non-phthalate plasticiser

Polyform has created the G-series boat fender, the first product of its kind produced without phthalates. A non-toxic plasticiser is used instead, making the fender more environment-friendly. In addition, the external surfaces are manufactured to release a minimum of microplastics, and the UV- resistant plastic counteracts photodegradation for excellent durability.

Polyform has addressed the problem of plastic waste in production of the product as well. Thirty per cent of the boat fender is comprised of recycled plastic from the production process. Scraps and defective products are ground up and reused, which minimises the use of virgin plastic and reduces landfill waste. Moreover, the fenders are shipped in 100 per cent recyclable packaging.

Eco friendly fender

Concrete benefits

The G-series boat fender offers the same properties and durability as a standard boat fender and is an attractive alternative for sustainability-aware consumers in the leisure market.

The fender is the first product produced under Polyform’s “Green Concept”, which comprises a series of processes and products with an improved environmental footprint. In the future, Polyform will apply its Green Concept to its current products, such as buoys and moorings, and develop new, sustainable solutions.

Market potential

Sustainable boating is a growing trend, especially in Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. This is evident in the high demand for electric boats and recreational boat sharing. The fisheries, aquaculture and offshore industries are also seeking to reduce their environmental footprint.

The G-series boat fender is currently in production and will be market ready in spring 2021. Polyform’s main market focus is European B2B and B2C, and the company exports its products to some 70 countries worldwide.

Established in 1955, Polyform was the first company in the world to produce inflatable, all-plastic net buoys and fenders.

Eco friendly fender

Erik Loe Muri

Sales & Marketing Manager

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