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Piql keeps information secure for generations

Piql’s unique data storage is emission free – and perhaps the most secure in the world.Published 24 Mar 2023 (updated 15 Apr 2024) · 2 min read

Quick information

At a glance

  • Emission-free, offline storage of any type of data
  • Offers storage at the Arctic World Archive and in local vaults with authorised Piql representatives
  • Online accessibility, including Open Archival Information System which can easily be integrated with IT systems

As the world becomes digital, industry experts warn of a “digital black hole”. Due to constant tech upgrades and the impermanent nature of digital information, data is not only at risk of being lost but its authenticity is also compromised.

In addition to vast volumes of data, books, art and sacred documents that cannot withstand the test of time need to be preserved in a way that secures their existence. This was tragically highlighted by the devasting fire in Brazil’s national museum in September 2018.

Moreover, the data centres currently storing our information consume more energy than large countries.

Arctic World Archive

Piql can store any type of information – documents, images, sound, film or entire databases – on the same unique digital storage medium. For a client it works much the same way as storing information in the cloud: online upload, catalogues of content, etc. But the information is stored offline without any chance of hacking or manipulation, and it is guaranteed to survive for centuries.

All Piql data is stored on film – a photosensitive, chemically stable and secure medium with a proven longevity for hundreds of years. The storage is possible because of a unique system for recording digital data on film strips. The system has been developed by Piql in R&D projects with international research partners and funding from the EU and the Research Council of Norway.

For the most valuable information, Piql offer storage in the Arctic World Archive in Svalbard, Norway—one of the most remote and geopolitically stable locations on Earth.

Concrete benefits

Piql’s data storage does not require any electricity to keep data alive for centuries to come, making it a zero-emission solution. The content never requires software or hardware updates – processes which carry a high risk of data loss and corruption.

Keeping data disconnected from the internet once it is stored makes it more secure than any encryption or online security measure can. At the same time, Piql’s online catalogue offers easy access and read-back for authorised users.

Market potential

It is estimated that 15 per cent of all the world’s information will need long-term or ultra-secure data storage. And in a world where the amount of information doubles every two years, the market is vast.

Piql already stores the constitutions of Brazil, Mexico and Norway, alongside ancient manuscripts from the Vatican Library, and the entire Edvard Munch collection from the National Museum of Norway.



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Hilde Byrmo Parkin

Brand & Design Manager

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